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    Relic of xxxxx and valor upgrade

    Just a quick question,

    I am valor capped on my main and want to try to level and gear my alt. Since DMC trinkets are near BiS, can I spend valor points to upgrade the trinket and send them to my Alt?

    Or by spending valor will make them BoP?

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    I'd presume upgrading gear makes it soulbound.
    You can try and place it in the upgrade slot and it will probably say "This will make it soulbound. Continue?".

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    Pretty sure upgrading an item makes them soulbound if they are not already.
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    You can always try, if it gives a warning that it will become Soulbound then it will become Soulbound otherwise it should be possible. However I don't see why you need to rush to upgrade it for an alt when they can get tons of upgrade from someplace else ;p

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    If it doesn't make it soulbound, I'd consider that a bug.

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