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    does anyone else spend a ton of gold on transmog?

    every day i change my transmog gear atleast 3 or 4 times... probably spend like 500g a day on transmog across all of my toons.

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    Is this a complaint or are you just curious? xD

    Personally, I don't. I rarely ever change mine - I only have mine on so I don't have to see the ugliness of my PvP set.

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    Not that much.. like 500g a month. on 4 level 90s

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    i dont usually spend a lot on transmog but i spend a fuckload of gold on the barber shop lol

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    Nah, i generally set up transmogs all at once, at least for each char. I'll make a few sets for each spec, set them up, and leave it till i get bored, or get another idea, so usually a solid month or so.
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    Well I don't change it every day, but I do a transmog on every character, usually a classic or classic-recolor set, like Might on my warrior and the paladin lawbringer recolor on my DK. T13 on my priest.

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    wow 500g a day o.O for me it's more simpler to just pick out 12 of your best mogs and just change them each month at least that's what i do =)

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    You must have a lot of transmog gear to actually be able to do that. For me, I don't really have complete sets except for the one I'm currently using. I have a mash up of others, but they're all incomplete. It takes time and luck to get complete sets for me, as well as gear in general. lol.

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    I don't spend much unless it's redoing upgrades. My characters have what I consider the 'perfect' outfit and that'll probably be what they wear all tier. Weapons are generally the only thing I change, and even then it isn't a common occurrence.
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    I generally have a single outfit for each of my characters... My DK uses the blue gear from the starting area, for example. My Hunter is in the TBC dungeon set (Beast Lord), and my Monk has the MSV leather gear.

    So I only really transmog when I get upgrades. So, in direct answer to your question: Nope.

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    I'd say you've got somewhat of a mogging obsession there son! I change my set every week or two but that's it hah. wow.

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    If you're just going to wear something for a few minutes for RP purposes, you could just wear the gold gear and not worry about transmogging it.

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    You dont have any really good transmog sets if you are changing them every day. Get one great and keep it always.

    Though i personally change my own set like every 1-2 months on my main.
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    I used to switch my Warrior between various golden-boy good-guy appearances to excuse my own over of mashing overpower and execute while still referring to myself as "The goodie" among a world of evils, but since I discovered that I could use my ol' Vanilla PvP rank of Knight-Captain to take gloating into a level so far the entire universe has been stretched to reach it, I went to Area 52, bought the Most golden, golden-boy outfit available and stuck with that.

    In conclusion, I used to, but NOT anymore =P
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    I do spend a lot but not because i buy lots of different ones, just managed to get my first piece of t3 warrior gear for 15k, so im guessing il probably end up spending about 100k on that by the time ive finished.

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    I change my sets every 1-2month, my DK i change between 2 sets, T8shoulder/T13chest and green re-color of warrior T5
    For shaman, T2 all the way, my mage i switch on T2, T5, T6, currently gathering T7.5, its a pain to solo for it >.<
    Ive prolly spent like 5-8k in total, totally worth it!

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    Most of my transmog sets require world drops, so I do spend quite some money on transmog each month buying the ones I want at the time.

    Few days ago I bought Torch of Austen for 6k.
    But all in all I'd say I've spend around 20k or so on transmog.

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    When Im leveling an alt, yes since I start transmoging from level 1. At max level, not really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletroll View Post
    You dont have any really good transmog sets if you are changing them every day. Get one great and keep it always.

    Though i personally change my own set like every 1-2 months on my main.
    I have vicious elite gear, ruthless elite, cataclysmic elite, and every heroic piece from cata raids... have a ton of stuff to choose from..

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    I spend a fair bit. But meh I have so much gold I would never notice it . That is on my alts. My main has used almost the same set.
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