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    Garalon encounter

    So guys isn't Garalon way to hard for raidfinder? I keep getting groups that whipe and whipe and whipe. I whiped like 30 times!? on this boss the last 2 weeks.
    Is blizzard changing it already so its easier? Because some people find it to diffucult i suppose. Then the entire raid leaves or everyone is gonna rage on each other.

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    It has already been nerfed three times, and tbh I have never wiped against it since.

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    I'm legitimately curious how you wipe now... after all the nerfs..
    Pheramones capping at 20 and crushes limited to 30 second intervals.
    How do you even wipe to that?
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    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Well if you do wipe more than a couple times, be courteous to other queuers and disband the group o.O

    Seriously though, I've only wiped a few times on RF Garalon on my alts. This is usually due to healing and/or unintended pheromone passes.

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    How is it even possible to whipe (errr wipe!) that much?

    What were the reasons? It's an easy boss.

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    It only takes 1-2 good healers to win the fight. You can heal through almost all the mechanics and you can finish it with 30% of the raid alive.

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    the fight is one of the more difficult ones for LFR. not really sure why as it is fairly straight forward.
    I did it last week and we had about 6 people alive for like 3-4 minutes. Ended up being an 11 minute kill (the entire floor was pretty much covered)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senen View Post
    It has already been nerfed three times, and tbh I have never wiped against it since.
    Exactly this.

    Pheromones caps at 20 now, so just 1 person can kite the entire time. Crush has a CD and doesn't stun, so that shouldn't be too much for healers even if it's activated as often as possible. I'm pretty sure they nerfed his hp too, so you don't even have to hold it together that long.

    I haven't wiped once since the nerfs.

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