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    Do you like LFD/LFR?

    Ok, so how many people enjoy the LFD/LFR features.

    I know we all HAVE to use them to gear up in any realistic amount of time. Dinged 90 and using these features got my Priest raid worthy in 3 days. Point is, how many people actually enjoy these features. As in think they give to the game. Personally I can't understand certain blues asking how can we get people back into the world when the obvious answer is get rid of this crap feature that teleports you to the dungeon. But that's just my personal irk with the system, let me know what you think by clicking the poll.

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    i like the way it is, i only do LFR Because i don't have the time or the commitment to attend raids at set times anymore, i think its fun, its raiding isn't it? maybe not require much thinking but its still raiding with other players even if you don't speak to them, the LFD I kinda don't like, The queues when your stuck as a dps only class (Ie leveling my rogue 1hour~ queues for a 10min dungeon) People randomly leave at any boss, And well the last think is the amount of MoP Dungeons compared to classic/tbc ect, Just sucks for people who like to run dungeons but are stuck with the same 2 for the same 2 long levels.

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    LFR/LFD are perfect for me. I'm in a PvP guild that doesn't raid. LFR is my change to raid and personally I love it.

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    LFD: Yes
    LFR: No
    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    I like LFR. Partly because I got fairly lucky with drops the first week, but also because it is easy mode raiding and you can have fun with it. On my DK tank I usually go with a friend who is also a tank and we keep laughing our asses off. You don't get punished for minor stupid things you do. Us running LFR is some of the best fun I had playing WoW. On my Disc I usually got a DPS race with some DPSers which is quite funny.

    LFD annoys me on the other hand. I realize that they are easy because of challange modes, but if you outgear them with leveling greens there is something wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humungo View Post
    I know we all HAVE to use them to gear up in any realistic amount of time.
    No you don't, as proven by your follow up statement:

    Quote Originally Posted by Humungo View Post
    Dinged 90 and using these features got my Priest raid worthy in 3 days.
    That's not realistic. That's ridiculously quick. 'Realistic' would be taking 2-3 weeks, perhaps more. So no, they aren't mandatory, you don't need to use them.

    But that's me just arguing a point for the sake of it. To be more on topic, I love the concept of LFR and LFD. They're brilliant, useful, utterly fantastic tools that add so much to the game.

    It's just a shame that the community acts like complete dickbags to each other while using them. =/

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    Don't know I feel there are a couple things that should be addressed. Like having interactive tutorials you'd have to play through before being allowed to join lfr for instance and a better tool against people being afk. I think everyone should be allowed to have some fun but currently it always feels like there are a few carrying the rest through. Perhaps just reduce damage and hp by a good margin.

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    Because of LFD dungeons got dumbed down for complete morons and last 10 minutes. No challenge, no tactics, instances are too fast to make them memorable. Is it fun facerolling instances with 4 random strangers that don't talk and could as well be replaced by NPCs? Nope, its not fun.

    It is extremely useful for leveling though. Before LFD it was next to impossible to do instances while leveling, now leveling via instances is very viable.
    Quote Originally Posted by Metzlsepp-Antonidas
    Meanwhile ...

    Nomi opens up a new kitchen in Darnassus.

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    Early Cata: I love LFD! It's so challenging! It's fun. Especially if we get shafted on CC. (No sarcasm. Really!)
    Late Cata: I love LFD! Insulting the dps while out-dpsing them as tank makes my day!
    Now: I love LFD! These four nobodies sure do suck, but it feels kinda rewarding to know I could solo this shit.
    Alternate: I love LFD! The guildies make this breeze by while insulting pugs while I out-dps them as tank!

    Late Cata: Fuck LFR. All these ninjas stealing loot. And oh look: Sixteen people rolling on my tier token.
    Now: Fuck LFR. All these morons don't even know how to stand in the buff zones. They make it harder for me to get my 28.5x16=416g, which is totally awesome. (Italicized for sarcasm)

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    Love em both, dont have any time to normaly raid > i have like 1-2 hour to play a day, if i can even play.

    Used to hardcore raid when i was young > but now full time job and other commitments.

    So yea, LFR/LFD rocks, just a few mins in a not-so-hard (=taking time) raid and fun loot > im happy with it.

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    I like them both, as means to an end and nothing more than that.
    I dont care if people suck fat hairy balls, as long as we get the job done. the only thing that could be better is LFR loot (or, lack thereof) but RNG will always be RNG I suppose.

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    i like both of them, it softens the pain being on a low pop server

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    Love them.

    End thread

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    I like them, i wish theyd make LFR a tiny bit harder though so people cant just afk through fights.

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    I'd prefer the dungeons to be a bit more challenging. I really enjoyed heroics in Cata, but they're a bit too easy in MoP. LFR is ok, I wish people wouldn't charge through so fast, but they're ok.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Both are perfect now, too bad it probably changes at some point like everything :|
    Quitting WoW is very similar to quitting smoking.

    Easier then most people think, the hard part is not coming back a few weeks later.

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    LFD is fine, it killed realm communities. But there is no turning back now. So it serves it's purpose.

    LFR on the other hand is shit. You beat on a boss for 10 minutes, while ignoring all mechanics and it still dies. Then you have a very small chance on loot, the alternative is an empty bag. Very frustrating and simply not worth the time.

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    Best thing ever happened to the game. WoW wouldn't be able to offer me enough to stay subbed nowadays if it weren't for those tools.

    My hardcore/raiding guild days are long over. Too much stuff/work/studies going on in real life to be able or willing to devote my time to schedules made up by other people. Or having to come up with schedules myself and seeing to it that others stick to them, for that matter.

    Dumb concept anyway, I don't want to force my free time in schedules, got enough of those in everyday life. Also not longer interested in being dependant on other people, guild drama, moronic gamers and their tantrums, elitist or underperfoming people, etc.

    5 mans shouldn't require any organisational effort and I'm glad they don't. Queue up, do stuff while waiting, get an invite, zone in, kill stuff and zone out. Perfect.

    I also don't see how it takes anything away from getting out into the outside world - I've spent more time in non-instanced areas in MoP than I have since 2007 or somehing, for various reasons.

    MoP offers a shitload of stuff for me to do, ranging from mini-games over questing, leveling characters, maxing out professions and reputations, collecting stuff to dungeons and raids, all stress-free, individually manageable while keeping the idiot factor relatively low. Content-wise it's the best it's ever been, a solid bang for the buck, can't complain.

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    Don't like LFR, it takes too long. Don't mind raiding for long hours but I find it really difficult to bring myself to stay in a pug for so long. Usually end up playing for half an encounter then afking while browsing for the rest. Good thing I'm dps huh?

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    I don't enjoy LFR and have stopped doing it for now.

    The only reason to do it is for upgrades (not to experience the content). The people in there generally ruin it for me. Theres always some elitists / "gogogo" ppl and that annoys me no end.

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