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    However, with the rate I've been getting gear in LFR, I more than likely won't be able to move on to the next tier when it comes out. Doesn't matter if I have a month, or a year... I have gotten literally next to nothing. I'm not talking about getting my Heroic BiS... I'm talking about getting the ilvl requirement for LFR.
    It costs 23,500 valor to get a full set of ilevel 489 gear. That's a 489 piece in every slot, aside from weapons/offhands. If you use the cheap 476 crafted chest/hands, it's only 19,500 valor. That's five months of capping. You can further reduce that with a DMC. And while five months of valor may seem like a long time, remember that that's less than the time that most tiers are current. And I'm only talking about guaranteed sources of loot - so not Sha or LFR - and also ignoring PvP, the purple weapons from heroics, and stuff like the engineering head and the inscription offhand.

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    There is one more apsect if u people talk about lfr gearing - ur soo overestimating amount of gear that people already have and are aquiring - if somebody raids he buys craftables and always cap vp but if someone doesnt raid he wont be wasting time on buying craftables . - it will be very funny how long the dps ques for 5.2 lfr will be - if u compare the 10 minutes que for MV lfr and 45 minutes que for ToE lfr whihc is only 10 itlv more - 5.2 lfr with the itlv like 480 barrier will be stupitidly big >< and the re3ason will be very simple - those who u call out as noobs and retards in lfr but who are making ur ques much faster will be locked out of it- and people dont have multiple alts at 480 yet - most people , casual people - those who make que faster. . I simply cant wait for amount of qq it will creeate on forums cause 1) "omg blizz why my que is 2 hour as dps" 2)"omg blizzard i farm this for few weeks and still cant get to new lfr "><

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