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    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: Use defensive cooldowns like Sacred Sheild/insta-Flash of Lights from Selfless Healer, and Flash of Light after you kill a mob to top off. You also have a stun and an interrupt. Like some have already mentioned, Seal of Insight is great for chain pulling mobs.

    Honestly even though I'm decently geared right now, I managed to do the Glorious achievement (kill all the Pandaria rare mobs) without any trouble on my own a month ago (barely had raid gear), granted a few of them are lower levels but their abilities still hit hard if you just stand there. Know the ins and outs of your spec, know when to use your non-dps spells efficiently and you'll be fine.
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    Not a fast spec, but we're doing fine. Definately worth talenting DP and holy prism for questing though.
    Inquisition and seal of insight drop dps by a lot while questing, so in bad gear it's really slow.
    Happy to not do dailies anymore now... 1065 lesser charms will last for a while.

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    It's not terrible, find people to group up with and things will go even faster. Just be happy you don't have 2 healer specs or healer/tank. : )

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    Instead of mastery, get haste and then mastery Will drop mobs faster since the lowered CD on CS and Judgement.

    And learn to rotate your cooldowns :P

    Use trinks and AW together. And use guardian solo, it's strong enough for killing non elite mobs by itself.

    Also, seal of Insight or Seal of Justice (Justice does faster damage, but less damage in the long run) is wayyyy better when doing dailies than Truth.

    Good Luck

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    I tried leveling as Retribution from 85-86 and I felt it was very slow. Something seems to be missing. Gathering HP and spending HP is not for me in terms of that spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katji View Post
    I tried leveling as Retribution from 85-86 and I felt it was very slow. Something seems to be missing. Gathering HP and spending HP is not for me in terms of that spec.
    That's odd seeing how much faster HP regen we have now than in Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkura View Post
    That's odd seeing how much faster HP regen we have now than in Cata.
    Which shows how bad it was in Cata!

    Depending on what classes you're used too, the Ret ramp up time can be a bit slow, and unless you're rapidly bouncing from mob to mob keeping a steady pace, it can get a little frustrating.

    But once geared, it becomes a non issue.

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    I wouldn't say it's bad. The reason why Ret might seem slow is due to cds and SOV build up. To gain 5 stacks might feel like its taken several seconds while you have hacked only a small % of HP of a mob. Once 5 stacks are up mobs go down quick. Ret has good burst but you'll be reliant on AW cd, let alone GOAK that's even longer cd, where as other dps classes have better sustained damage. Lots of folks have mentioned defensive cds so I won't cover old ground. Seal of Insight can also be your friend but I don't tend to use it.

    My thoughts with Ret is why pull 1 mob when you can pull 3 of 4. Get SS up, round up some mobs, single target with SOV and CS's but cleave with divine storm. Switch mobs if you fancy with double jepordy and judgement, Leave ES rolling on primary target. DS will heal for between 10-20k depending on your hp and AOE mobs. Pop AW and GOAK for greater effect. Once you drop one mob, FOL ( or if you have trouble casting blinding light then FOL or stun).

    Oh, and for oh shit moments, LoH or bubble (get 1 or 2 small FOLs in before going oom).
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    Ret can be slow if you are going mob by mob, spending frequent HoPo on Inquisition and not getting much out of cooldowns. If you pull a bit more, or chain pull when using cooldowns you can power through faster.

    Quote Originally Posted by vpywow View Post
    Question b) Is my rotation bad ?.I just start with Judge->CS->Exo and with the 3 HP gained, I use Inquisition.After gaining Inquisition, I use TV on 3 HP and Exo if it pops up.After the mob is dead I either heal myself with the remaining HPs or use FoL (the free heal we get after killing a mob)
    TV should only be used when you have 5 Holy Power unless Hammer, CS, Exo and Judgment are all unavailable. If you have fewer than 5 HoPo, using TV instead of a generator reduces your potential HoPo gain in the long run.

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    I had the same feeling trying out ret both when leveling and at 90 dailies. My shammy and DK both feels much more effective at these tasks. Final straw was when I did more dps as holy (ofc in better gear) and I decided to roll two holy specs instead, one for raidheal one for dps. Fir fun Ive even been doing heroics as holy dps and im easily doing 35k overall.

    One thing: it felt slightly quicker doing dailies when i ignored inq at the start of a fight and instead blew cd's. Then at end of fight if any HP left i used it on inq to be ready for next mob.
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    I find that once you hit about the 470ish item level the trick is aoe. Ret can tank a bunch of mobs relatively easily with cooldowns when it gets hairy. The level 90 talent is really useful here, all have their pros. If you're struggling as ret its really a gear issue, once you get a higher item level weapon and higher item level gear it becomes really easy.

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    I Use Ret on dailies since I can't be bothered switching to tank, plus I don't want to be switching to tank everytime I want to do some dailies. Its also best to if you decide to use Ret that you only attack at 1 - 2 much easier to handle I think.

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    it was funny. when i dinged 90 on my alt warrior, i was already doing dailys faster than my then 483~ geared main pally.

    i'd say ret is pretty slow compared to other classes, but it's not terrible at all.

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    Ret is slow if you single target mobs down, but I can do most daily hubs in around 5-10 minutes. AoE is the key, you should never be pulling a single mob at any given time. With Sacred Shield, crit flash heals on kills and the occasional word of glory you can easily pull groups of 2-3 without issue. When you have cooldowns up, pull large groups of mobs(5+) and just go to town on them with your cooldowns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkura View Post
    That's odd seeing how much faster HP regen we have now than in Cata.
    I'd agree with this, our HP gains are a lot better than before.

    Leveling and doing dailies were not bad. However I highly suggest finding people to do dailies with if your server has a population enough for it! It will make them fly by even faster!
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    As so many others have pointed out the changes you need to make and you've started down that road I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in too having played a Tankadin for a few years. Ret is probably the only spec you should be doing dailies in unless you want to take forever to kill anything. Pretty much the same as leveling. Sure, it CAN be done with other specs, but expect to take MUCH longer doing it. Gear will be the biggest factor, followed up by rotation/cd's.

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    My crap geared arms warrior kills like a machine compared to my ret

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    It seems like you have a bad connection, the computer on your game menu is red. Latency is a horrible thing to have as a ret paladin, any class really, but especially hurts ret.

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    Check out the addon "CLC Ret" or something like that.

    Its a rotation helper that should give you a good idea of how the spec works.

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    Bleh OP's armory isn't there anymore. I MS Holy and when picking an OS to do dailies Ret overall was slower than Prot. Some people say get multiple mobs and AOE with Ret but then again that's Prot's specialty. Maybe it's a gear scaling issue but I leveled MoP 85-90 as Holy just denouncing with WoG glyph and was expecting a huge increase when I tried doing dailies as Ret when I hit 90 and was disappointed.

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