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    Bleh OP's armory isn't there anymore. I MS Holy and when picking an OS to do dailies Ret overall was slower than Prot. Some people say get multiple mobs and AOE with Ret but then again that's Prot's specialty. Maybe it's a gear scaling issue but I leveled MoP 85-90 as Holy just denouncing with WoG glyph and was expecting a huge increase when I tried doing dailies as Ret when I hit 90 and was disappointed.
    Just figured I'd throw out this advice.

    Ret can be gear dependent, though for dailies you should be alright with just a 450 item level - which you can get just from AH pvp gear for the most part - any upgrades to that level have HUGE dividends on time.

    The other thing to remember is that the most popular daily quests - normally domination point - can be subject to respawn bugs that at lower gear levels will get your ass killed. So don't be afraid to play a little more slower in some cases to emphasize survivability over speed.

    Which is really the thing that Ret offers well, a good mix of survivability and damage - though the damage can have a large rampup cost considering how TV hits for a good 3x harder than crusader strike and twice as hard at least as exorcism or judgement. (At least at my 481 gear level.)

    So take that as you will.

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    I'm shocked to see anyone finding rets hard to daily with.

    Ret is definitely my main, but I have a 90 mage/fdk/druid as well. I personally find my Ret >>> FDK, not due to DPS where my FDK is generally better, but survivability.

    On my ret I can much more consistently mass pull and stay alive. Certainly, for certain areas (mantid/domination point specifically) if I mass aoe I tend to spent HP on WoG, but things die quickly nevertheless. In general 1 or 2 mob pulls, I decimate everything around.

    My FDK, on the other hand, cannot reliably aoe mass pull due to lack of strong defensives or self-healing capabilities. I find myself waiting between pulls for CDs to become available where this is never an issue on my ret.

    I will say the pvp bonus for ret is awesome for this as well (I only pvp).

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    Ret does great for questing. I pull 6-8 mobs, pop CD's, and burn a bunch of stuff down. Not as fast as a pure DPS class, but does just fine.
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    Never had much problems with leveling or dailies in MoP. Keep Sacred Shield up, and you take next to no damage. It really is quite effective, plus you don't need to refresh a HoT with Holy Power that you can rather use for Inq, TV or DS. I'm running 99% with Seal of Truth and keep Inquisition up about 90% of the time. Of course, be reasonable with pulls and don't aggro more than you can handle. I can take 5-6 mobs if I want to, but sometimes need cooldowns for that. Also Holy Prism works nicely as a long-range pull or a combined self heal & mass aoe attack.

    For single mobs you don't need more than 1hp Inq. But it's a huge boost to damage and crit.

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    I think that Ret is good for dailies.

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    Hahaha, oh WOW.

    Retribution is amazing at dailies in my experience. Worlds beyond what my combat rogue is capable of, for certain (they're in roughly equal gear). Things just...die, and I rarely have to pop cooldowns, even when I'm pulled several mobs from doing Dominance Offensive quests.

    ...then again, it may just be because after playing the rogue for so long, anything seems OP,! Details!

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    DKs are pretty strong for dailies. Ret's good if your dps is high enough, but pretty mediocre if it's not imo.

    Ret is good at killing, but takes a fair amount of damage in the process. Hence Ret feels particularly vulnerable while gearing up (Elemental is similar). Of my pally/dk/warrior at 90, pally definitely felt the most vulnerable in dps spec at first (and it's the class i'm most familiar + comfortable with).

    Your dps is low, something could stand to be improved, even if it's just picking up all the 450 ilvl blues. Can't see your armory, but make damn sure you've got the best weapon you can (remember there's the quest weapon from the Arena scenario if you don't have a blue 450).

    More DPS solves a lot of problems for ret. Burst things down quicker, have fewer enemies, get more Supplication'd FoL's, survive longer. Low DPS is very punishing on survival imo.

    I like the Selfless Healer talent because the speeded FoL element still applies to self heals, so when combined with Supplication you can get instant-or-near-instant FoL's whenever you kill something.

    I wouldn't bother with SoI, and I'd be worried if you were having to divert Holy Power into WoG. I don't think hunkering down and trying to constantly self-heal works well as ret. Moar dps is safer and more reliable. Angel Wings + GotAK + dps trinkets is a survival CD.

    If you want to take a survivability oriented approach, I'd recommend questing as prot. If you're doing 17k dps as ret you're at prot level dps anyway so you might as well pick up the survivability. You could then practice your ret setup in dungeons & gear it up till you're pushing higher dps so that playing it in the daily areas will get more comfortable.
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    It sounds like a lot of people struggling with ret are in lower level gear, and those that have 475+ gear are breezing through, faster than other classes even. It really is a gear issue, I remember starting dailies as ret when I dinged 90 and feeling it slow, and not feeling that way at all now. Gear upgrades make a big difference.

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    yes ret can be very gear dependant. Alot of your initial damage (b4 you get better gear) will come from mastery and hand of light. It can be a struggle to output enough dps. Dont use your CDs all at the same time, keep them apart, you dont need to blow up something in 3 seconds like in pvp. Use holy prism, execution sentence is crappy, and I prefer selfless healer. Eternal flame might be better after patch though.

    Overall ret is balanced but other classes overshadow us. eg locks mages, warriors, and Spriests. We dont need a buff, these classes need a nerf

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