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    Mage UI Question

    I was just wondering if any Arcane mages use ElvUI and if so, are you able to turn mana on your player frame from a number to a percent? I couldn't seem to find a way to do it, but I am hoping there is. While on the subject I was wondering if anyone would object to making this thread a "Post your Mage UI and addons" thread? Would love to see how other people set up their UI's and what addons people use.

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    Even though I don't use ElvUI, this addon might prove useful to you - Player Mana Percent - which offers you a small box containing just the % mana you currently have.

    www curse com/addons/wow/player-mana-percent

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    ??? isn't there a power text format under Power in the dropdown list?

    Using [powercolor][powerercent] works fine.

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