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    [A][EST] Heart of Redemption: Traditional Raiding in 25 person content

    This is the guild you are looking for… http://www.heartofredemption.info/information.html

    <Heart of Redemption> is an level 25 Alliance raiding guild doing current 10 and 25 player content on the Dalaran server. We are also one of the longest running guilds on Dalaran, and the only guild that has never taken a break from the game, maintaining a raiding schedule every week across all expansions (except for x-mas week and 1 week in the summer).

    HoR might be one of the last semi-traditional raiding guilds on Dalaran. We still have a “point system” for loot distribution that we think people enjoy participating in and find rewarding as they progress: http://www.heartofredemption.info/po..._and_loot.html There is no loot council. Our guild ranks are used and have purpose: http://www.heartofredemption.info/ranks.html ...and we enjoy chasing achievements as well: http://www.heartofredemption.info/achievements.html

    We are NOT here to waste time with raiders who are late, have poor spacial awareness, come unprepared, not carrying consumables, etc - mainly due to everyone having something that requires they schedule their WoW time (such as work, school, significant others, kids, etc). So, as you can imagine, putting up with any kind of bullsh*t or other a$$hattery is very low on our list. We ARE here to have very structured, speedy, and respectfully mature progression raiding where we function as a team rather then individuals. During our official raids we provide Banquets, free guild enchants and gems (main spec only), as well as guild repairs for our raiders.

    Heart of Redemption is currently looking for about 8-10 raiders to bring on board who can attend at least 2 of our raid days and times. This means we can accommodate nearly an entire raid team into our ranks. So if you are a 10 person raid team that hasn’t been able to raid due to attendance and want to come over to HoR, I am more then open for talking with you.

    We try to be organized, and we try to keep communication flowing. We have a website with forums as well as a Facebook group. You can whisper me in-game under Slayerprime and we can chat online or talk in ventrilo. You can message me on Facebook under Slade Prime http://www.facebook.com/slade.prime, or you can even register on our forums at http://www.heartofredemption.info/forum -and send me a message on the forum to Slayerprime. In addition, we have built a special website address with all the pertinent information about us that might be relevant to joining the guild at http://www.heartofredemption.info/information.html -which also contains my contact information.

    HoR is currently on break for the holiday week, and we will be returning to official raiding again on Wednesday January 2nd at 9PM est.

    Current Raid schedule:

    Tuesday: 9:00PM est to 11:00PM est - Official 25 Person Raid
    Wednesday: 9:00PM est to 11:00PM est - Official 25 Person Raid
    Thursday: 9:00PM est to 11:00PM est - Official 25 Person Raid

    Our raiding is pretty straight forward. We invite based on performance for 99% of the spots. This means if you out-perform your guildmates you get to go. We usually also run at least 2 ‘unofficial’ 10 person raids on the weekend as well as enough Guild Rated Battlegrounds as to fill our Conquest cap (of course size and participation are limited).

    PvP Arena and Rated Battlegrounds: In addition to raiding stuff, we are also looking to recruit PvP teams into our ranks, complete with end of season gold, bonuses, and material supports; PvP’ers read all about what we offer at http://www.heartofredemption.info/pvp.html

    For Casual Players: We are friendly to your non-raiding family or friends. *HoR is now recruiting casual players who wish to gain from the benefits of being in a level 25 guild for the purposes of pvp (+10% honor buff), pve (+10% to experience and reputation gains) or who want to be able to attain cool guild pets and mounts via guild rep. *Any class/level is welcome, as well as your alts! *Contact Slayerprime for an invite.

    Slayeprime ~ Leader of the HoRs ~
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    If you think rogues like doing it from behind, you should see my HoR's!

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    My HoR's aren't cheap!

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    The world needs more HoR's, apply now!

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    Thank you for your support!

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    This doesn't mean much since Dalaran is in such bad shape as a server, but we are currently the top 25 person raiding guild on our server. We have 680 members. This past Thursday we had 32 people in the raid at raid start time and 40 guildies online. Our progress isn't all that great, but at least we are back on our feet. I am still looking for 3 DPS who can do 75 to 90K sustained DPS on boss kills. Contact Slayerprime on Dalaran or visit our website/forum for more info!

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