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    Diablo 3 because of micro stutters.

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    Diddy Kong Racing
    Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

    Took me a while to finally beat them

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    South Park for N64. Could never kill that last boss!!!

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    Wow over 200 replies!
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    Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. I could probably complete the first three games in the time it took for this one to load.

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    Pool of Radiance 2 (around 2001). If you could get the game to run - which was a trial in itself - you had the potential to uninstall it and take all of your system files along with it.

    Not to mention that it only allowed so many save files and they could get corrupted. After struggling through the horrible combat for a good majority of the game - just cause I'd paid good money for it and wanted to finish it for no other reason than I owned it, my save file corrupted and I lost about a days worth of game time. I promptly uninstalled it (carefully heh) and snapped the disc in half.

    I think I did humanity a favour.

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    i almost never get angry except for playing unforgiving platform games such as super meat boy and they bleed pixels or any mario kart game.
    i really love the games but i just get really pissed off, especially at mario kart for the ds. that is because of a retarded catch up mechanic, that made the opponents cars go faster the better you got. This meant that it was easier to get triple gold stars when you were worse at the game.

    the only game that ever got me so annoyed that i left off without getting into it was gta: san andreas. "Goddammit CJ all you had to do was follow that train!"

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    hmm might get some hate for this but im going have to go with D3. the story was fairly transparent and overall just wasnt fun

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    It's this game called Game, you either have it or don't. It takes most people a while to obtain it. The reward is sex (and relationships and w/e), the problem is learning to play it.
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    it's pretty hard to find a good girl in the sea of whores that is my country, brazil.

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    The most frustrating game I've ever played is Earthworm Jim 64. I completed at 100% the first two levels, but couldn't advance in the 3rd. I spent weeks checking every pixel, looking for a guide, but I never found anything. The most frutrating thing is I needed 64 gold "medals" to reach the 4th and last level, but only had 63...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    I'd have to say, TMNT (NES).

    That game is a bitch and is considered one of the most impossible games on the market. I've never got past the 3rd level.
    I beat the game, although it wasn't easy.

    I'll vote for Battletoads though.

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    Starsiege:TRIBES back in the day (1998-2001?) while playing matches on west coast servers as a HPB in the midwest. Going from 60-80ms latency to 300ms was an entirely different game and any missed shots I know I could have made on a more neutral server pissed me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danner View Post
    As everyone will rightfully tell you, it's an awesome game.
    But that last level makes Dark Souls look trivial.
    Normally I'd just drop the game at that point, but Psychonauts being so magnificently awesome as it was, I didn't have a choice but to complete it.

    ... nothing is more annoying than self-inflicted pain.
    The ending was awesome and I give it a full two thumbs up ... but not worth the six hours of pain.
    i tried to 100% that game and lacked one figment in the bullfighter lever. i combed the level for hours and never found it. never even made it to the boss fight because i was so tired with the game. it was probably bugged behind a wall or something. awesome game though.

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    Megaman 8.

    Jump, jump, slide, slide, jump, jump, slide, slide....

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Hello! Listen! Hey!
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    The atmosphere is absolutely brilliant, but the combat completely ruined the game for me. Most annoying thing in the entire game
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