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    Computer running in slow motion?

    In all my time working with/on PCs I've seen a lot. But never before today have I seen a computer running in slow motion. I don't mean that the PC is running slow, like I open a program and it takes forever to load and games are laggy. No, everything is super smooth and responsive, games don't lag or have FPS issues/drops. But everything is like those slow motion shots you see on TV and youtube all the time.

    It went away after a restart of the PC, but I'm wondering if anyone else has ever seen this and/or know what caused it so I can try to prevent it from happening again.

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    It was probably just a CPU issue.
    System Specs -
    CPU - i5 2500k @ 5ghz | CPU Cooler - RASA RX240 | Motherboard - Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3| GPU - Nvidia GTX 590|
    SSD - Crucial M4 128GB | RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance | PSU - Corsair TX850M | Case - CoolerMaster HAF 922
    | Monitor - Crossover 27Q (2560x1440) | Sidewinder X4 Keyboard |

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nab View Post
    It was probably just a CPU issue.
    Could be, but the CPU is pretty new (under a year) and GPU is a lot older (probably 3+). Plus it was so odd to just see things go in slow motion even in games. It wasn't really like what you'd expect from a clogged CPU (which I've seen and even done on purpose before when I've stress tested something) where it's like choppy gameplay and animations of windows opening/closing and stuff.

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    I have (had?) the same thing ever since I got my i7 920 processor and Windows 7. I recently installed Windows 8 and I haven't had it happen yet, but it didn't happen that frequently anyway.
    Never found out what causes it though.

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    yea it was the weirdest thing and I've never seen it happen before. Nor has it happened again since then lol.

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    It is really frustrating when PC work slowly, but it is a machine human also don't work at same pace every time. Is your computer virus free because if you do not scan regularly it becomes slow so try to these.
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