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  • Priest - Disc or Holy

    9 25.71%
  • Druid - Resto

    5 14.29%
  • Shammy - Resto

    9 25.71%
  • Paladin - Holy

    11 31.43%
  • Monk - Mistweaver

    1 2.86%
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    Exclamation Raid and Dungeon Healing

    I've always been curious to know about healers. I don't play a healer and would most likely never roll one, but out of curiousity, what would you consider your preferred raid healer?
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    I love my mistweaver, toally my style of healing and I allways top the meters in LFR ( not in raids, cause our Holydin got like full hc gear.) and no one ever dies in a LFD.
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    Shaman fan here. Demz raid cooldowns.
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    To give, priest. To receive, druid (I love getting all HoT! ;P).

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    I noticed that Pallies and Priests were topping the charts for heals. I wondered if it was random, or if it was always like that.

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    Priests shields and shields and shields and spirit shell more shields. heavy aoe phase? nvm we had shields

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    I main a disc priest, but I actually prefer resto druid. It's so relaxing to play (although I doubt it could get anywhere close to the disc's numbers). Haven't tried mistweaver, though, and haven't played holy paladin since late wotlk.

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    The druid heals the group very good and the paladin a single person really really good.

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    I play (and prefer) a discipline priest. I have a holy offspec and would love to play it more if it were more viable right now. Compared to discipline though at the current time, it's just not.

    I have at least one of every other healing class 85+ and have raided with them all. Resto druid was my main through WotLK, mistweaver monk was my main for the first couple months of MoP. I changed back to my priest (BC and Cataclysm main) after mistweavers got hit with three extremely large nerfs all in one week when I realized I just don't want to play a class as my main that is going to be on the nerf/buff rollercoaster for the next two years.

    I can play them all well, but I do prefer the priest because both specs just have such a huge toolbox...and when you use everything you have you can do incredibly well. It's never boring!

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    I think the most versatile healer is the shaman, also a top choice as a healer, has good focus, good areas and good support. True, the priest is the only class in the game with 2 healing specialties that should be the best.

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    So far Pally, Druid, and Shammy seem to be edging it out. I might have to roll a shammy just to see what all the fuss is about.

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    you can't go wrong with paladin. I was tank/dps for my first few years in WoW and I always felt they are awesome, when I created one for myself - boom, best class to play, very rewarding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastmasterGuardian View Post
    I might have to roll a shammy just to see what all the fuss is about.
    They're amazing PvP healers, and it's nice to have a class where you can choose either a ranged or melee offspec. I have two at 85 from last expansion and started leveling another one on a new server.

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