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    You can create these Bundle of Groceries by combining different cooking supplies. The Bundle of Groceries can then be turned in to Nam Ironpaw for a Ironpaw Token.

    You will need to do all the starting quests at Halfhill and this quest: Preserving Freshness before you can start handing in Bundle of Groceries.

    Some of the info here on wowhead on how to create these seems to be wrong. You can't use Instant Noodles, 100 Year Soy Sauce, Rice Flour etc.

    Here's a complete list of items you can combine into Bundle of Groceries:

    Emperor Salmon x20
    Jade Lungfish x20
    Giant Mantis Shrimp x20
    Reef Octopus x20
    Redbelly Mandarin x20
    Tiger Gourami x20
    Jewel Danio x20
    Krasarang Paddlefish x20
    Golden Carp x60

    Wildfowl Breast x20
    Raw Tiger Steak x20
    Raw Turtle Meat x20
    Raw Crab Meat x20
    Mushan Ribs x20
    Raw Crocolisk Belly x20

    Juicycrunch Carrot x100
    Scallions x100
    Green Cabbage x100
    Mogu Pumpkin x100
    Red Blossom Leek x100
    Witchberries x100
    Striped Melon x100
    White Turnip x100
    Jade Squash x100
    Pink Turnip x100
    Found this on wow head, by the poster of Netn. Has some good info.
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    Nobody buys those things on my server.

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