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    Annoying neighbors

    Ever had crazy/mad, annoying as hell neighbors? Share your stories.

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    everyday. I live in a cheaper area in an apartment and most of my neighbors are African American and they tend to play loud music, get into fights and shout non stop and the guy below me has a home theater system that he cranks everyday when he gets home shakes my floor. I tend not to be racist most of the time but its hard not to be sometimes when you're in a constant battle for some peace and quiet. I wont be living here much longer so i just need to stick it out through the winter.

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    Depends on what you mean with crazy. Guy living in the same stair as me in the apartment building got OCD, pulls the handle to the door 3 times when he has locked the door, he locks the door 3 times when going in/out. Doesn't really touch the doors either without either using hand disinfection or wearing gloves.
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    I had a really hot SlutMILF neighbour and she would keep me up atleast twice a week with moans and sex noises through the whole night, as a teenage boy that was a nightmare lol
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    My neighbor is a b****. I hear this a lot:
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    First year in college, they were okay, but when they got drunk they were so damn annoying. They thought it was funny to lock one of there friends out every saturday and he would go mad baning on the door at 2 in the morning. Got to a point where I was nearly going to let him sleep in my flat, luckily they ended up been thrown out by christmas.

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    Having lived in apartment buildings for my entire life (apartment/student dorms), I have quite a few stories. I'd have to say the most crazy were my freshman year in college, where the boy's section was right next to the girls split down the middle of the floor. It was also the floor with a ton of rather stereotypical frat guys, and with a lot of girls who correlated with them. Lets see... there was a guy who smashed his face through a closet, someone who got high on about 5 things at once and thought he was a monster and stabbed himself, a girl who got into screaming fights 2-3 times a day with her roommate, a girl who pulled the fire alarms whenever she and her boyfriend had a fight (got removed from the university for that), someone who got drunk and decided to cook pancakes but forgot that you need to put a pan on the grill before pouring the batter on which set off fire alarms.... probably the most amusing one, at least for me, was one time when a fire alarm was pulled, and there was a couple who was caught for not leaving during the alarm, having a girl over after 11:00 (not allowed in dorms), had alcohol and marijuana in a freshman dorm, and having a firearm in the room.

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    Depends on what you mean with crazy. Guy living in the same stair as me in the apartment building got OCD, pulls the handle to the door 3 times when he has locked the door, he locks the door 3 times when going in/out. Doesn't really touch the doors either without either using hand disinfection or wearing gloves.
    People who do that aren't crazy.... we're just finicky about... everything. Plus you wouldn't want to walk away worrying that you left your door unlocked, would you?
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    I'm pretty sure i have a tap dancing peg legged pirate above me, not sure how anyone can make that much noise just walking
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    Had a neighbor in my old apartments that used to crank his radio at any and all times of the day... Called the cops on him like 10 times, they finally got sick of him and gave him a $250 ticket for disturbing the peace... Never heard his radio again

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    Its been 5 years of living and I have never said a "hi" "hey what sup" to the neighbour right beside my house everytime I sees them, this just shows how pathetic they are.

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    We had some upstairs neighbours that always had parties on weeknights. It's like 2am on a Wednesday and they're rocking out, loud music, cheering and screaming, the whole nine yards.

    The spouse would get dressed, trod up there to kindly request they quiet down, they would interpret this as him feeling left out and pull him inside for a beer and some dancing, but no, no, I just want to sleep before work tomorrow. As he headed back downstairs, I would hear the woman upstairs screaming at her buddys, you guys, quieeettt, you're being too loud! You're waking everyone up, you assholes! Then the music gets turned down for ten minutes, everyone is quietly shuffling around and communicating in overly-loud whispers, and then in their extremely inebriated state, they gradually forget about the whole being-quiet thing and get louder and louder and the party resumes until their other neighbour calls the police on them. Police come out, there is a loud discussion, and everyone goes home.

    [repeat regularly until evicted]

    The lady also practiced her dancing every morning around 4am, which involved a lot of rhythmic stomping.

    I don't think they were trying to be malicious because they were always friendly and nice and apologetic, they just seemed utterly oblivious about how loud they were. Probably due to perpetually high levels of intoxication.
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    I've had annoying neighbors in my previous house. Well, either they're annoying or i'm ridiculously grumpy. But every other day they had a group of their friends round for a party kind of thing in their back yard, not so much loud music, but loud people. Loud, chav-like, annoying people. My room window looked out onto the back yard so it was easy for me to hear every word they said. Got to a point i put on my music so loud i couldn't hear myself think.

    Also, they're pet breeders... They used to breed cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, that sized pets. They owned around 6 cats themselves. It was incredibly hard for them to keep an eye on their animals, and even clean up after them. The cats constantly stank, all animals used to whine or make some sort of noise during the night. (They were kept in a small shed in their back yard in the evenings). And, luckily for us, the new addition to their family is 3 new chickens. Lovely.

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