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    GW2 Serial Key (Need help asap)

    Hello! me and my friend were thinking of playing some GW2 again after a long break. However, he cant remember hes PW and to reset hes PW, weirdly, you need the serial key. Problem is he dosnt have his serial key. He bought it in the store, and threw away the box(stupid I know) But are there any ways to get the serial key? He didnt recive any mails with it. Nor can I find anywhere on the gw2 site were I can make a ticket / Phone support.

    Would be appreciated with some help asap )


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    Make an account, and create a ticket here.

    Explain the situation, and the supporter will probably link you to the right website if this is the wrong one, and/or give you the right e-mail and/or phone number.

    The serial key is really important so it was very stupid of him to throw it away, but you will learn by your mistakes.

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