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    Also, will the 650 Ti perform better than the 7850 since it is OC'd to 980MHz? The 7850 is only 860MHz but probably has a few more CUDA cores/stream processors.
    650ti performs much worse than 7850 in almost everything, which can also be seen from the pricetag. Clock speed is irrelevant metric when comparing between Nvidia and AMD, just like it's irrelevant when comparing between Intel and AMD. What you can use clock speed for is comparing two same cards like your options 2 and 3 which both use Radeon 7850 chip at different speeds.

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    Again, please keep in mind my gaming needs (high-ultra settings for wow raiding, high settings for most other games, no screen tearing in raids major cities or BGs).
    Any of those cards will run WoW at high/ultra settings, you'll be limited by the processor first in raids and cities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chazus View Post
    I had issues running on High with my 460, but I also run dual monitors, so maybe that's an issue? I also play on pretty heavily populated servers, and prefer not to have to switch graphics between raiding and not.
    I use 2 monitors too. Not sure what to say, I play on Horde on Stormscale EU which is highly populated horde, and honestly have no issues in cities with my settings on ultra with my GTX 460. I'm baffled.

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    My GTX460 would choke on multipsampling/texture filtering (AA/AF) set over 2x. Try throw those to 8x and see how "everything at ultra" works for you.
    Multisampling set to 8x and Texture filtering at 16x Anisotropic, little to no lag in major cities and 25 man raids. I'd post a screenshot of my settings, but I really don't need to prove anything. I can happily play WoW on Ultra with said settings and have practically no fps lag with my GTX 460, whether you choose to believe it or not is your issue.

    I'm not saying I get super awesome fps, but in raids and major cities it stays above 30.
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