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Lets start with I should not be alive today. Its 1 in a million. Today should have been the day I died.

I am driving home from a ski'ing trip and the road is extremly icy and snowy.
I was driving on a sketchy road with a mountain on my left side and a 50 meter straight drop on my right side into a river.
I was being very cautious and I was driving no more than 20 km an hour.
Now I am heading into a rather sharp turn and its snowing heavly and the turn hit by suprise.

The road I am driving on is very wide and its rather safe to drive on. You have perhaps 10meters of free road space.

But Its pure ice on the road. I start to turn and i lose ALL road grip. I hit the break in panic and freeze. I see myself sliding towards the egde and i felt like the moment lasted forever.
Slowly I am sliding towards the edge and a freefall of 50 meters into my death. I saw myself getting closer and closer to the edge .I did not jump out of the car either. I panicked and just pushed the break peddle as hard as I could.

Now I am perhaps 2-3 meters away from the edge and still sliding at a desent speed.
As I said there was a mountain on my left side.
Suddenlly I hear a big bang and everything goes black.
There was a small avalanche that was ongion when I was driving and 2 seconds before I i was going to fall into my death and the death of 3 friends.
The avalanche landed directly ontop of my car and causing it to immidiantly stop.

Its hard to explain how it hit directly ontop of my car when the but the mountain hangs over the road kinda. Hard to explain.

We were dug out 1 hour later and the car was standing 1 footstep away from the edge.

When I get home and I tune in on facebook I see my favourite artist uploaded a song '' Angels Above us'' about guardian angels coming in a time of need.

As crazy as it was that the avalanche hit our car right before falling of the edge. Then a song about guardian angels an hour later.

Note. There have been no avalanches the past 35 years in that area.

Very lucky to be alive today. Made me really think how quickly life can end.