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    [Anime] need new anime

    just recently started getting into anime and have seen quite a lot this past year!

    i can watch almost anything just as long as it is well written or is funny enough to make me finish it.

    i have seen a few animes that i did not like but finished anyway just because.

    in any case, ill jot down the ones i have seen this year, so no one suggests anything i have already watched.

    as far as length goes, as long as it is an amazing story i can deal with a show that stretches past 24 episodes.

    things ive seen this year, i will put stars next to ones that i really enjoyed


    -A bridge to the starry skies
    -Ambition of oda nobuna
    -Angel beats
    -Astorettes toy
    -Blast of tempest
    -Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! ********
    -Code geass *********
    -Darker than black
    -Demon king daimo
    -Dragon crisis********
    -Dusk maiden of amnesia
    -Eden of the east
    -Elfen lied
    -Fade to black
    -From the new world
    -Fullmetal alchemist BH **********
    -Future diaries
    -Good luck ninomiya kun
    -Gurren laggan
    -Hellsing ultimate
    -High school of the dead
    -Hourou Musuko Wandering Son*********
    -H20 footprints in the sand
    -Inu X boku secret service
    -Kannon 2006
    -Kids im your father
    -Kore wa zombie desuka
    -Lucky star**********
    -Madoka magica
    -Medaka box
    -My little monster********
    -Nakaimo, my sister is among them
    -Natsume yujin-cho (both)*********
    -Nyarko san********
    -Omamari himari
    -Outlaw star
    -Pet girl of sakura hall
    -Phi brain
    -Rosario + vampire
    -Say i love you
    -So, i cant play H
    -Soul Eater
    -Spice and wolf**********
    -Steel angel kurumi
    -Sword art online**********
    -11 eyes

    -------2013 / including those suggested by you guys this year------
    -AKB0048 (ongoing)
    -Amnesia (ongoing)
    -Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai
    -Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next! (ongoing)
    -Da Capo (ongoing)
    -Deadman Wonderland (didnt finish because of the MASSIVE censoring, made it unbearable to continue watching)
    -Guilty crown
    -Hakkenden: eight dogs of the east (ongoing)
    -Kotoura-san (ongoing)
    -Magi********* (ongoing)
    -Oreshura (ongoing)
    -Shin sekai yori (ongoing)
    -Steins gate***********
    -The UNLIMITED hyogu kyosuke (ongoing)

    (probably atleast 10 i am forgetting or have forgetten the names)

    there are a few i have started buy need to finish but this is the main gist of it, im actually not sure if this would be considered a lot for a years worth of anime lol, im sure some would find it small.

    but anyway as you can see a big majority of these have recently come out, so anything thats older but not too old thats similar to anything i have stared would be great.

    then ofcourse, but not this year

    samurai champloo
    cowboy beebop
    death note
    naruto/bleach/fairy tale - ongoing

    i keep up with naruto/bleach/fairy tail even though i mainly read their mangas.


    ok, i pretty much will watch any genre of anime as long as its good, or funny enough to have me finish the series. here is my personal breakdown of each genre

    ACTION/ADVENTURE - now these can be in 2 separate categories, but typically adventure usually always has action. for these i look for a good plot, good animation (because crappy animated action scenes are grrrr) and good character progression. there are many animes that fall into this category. a few of my favorites are code geass, samurai champloo, FMA: BH, cowboy beebop, trigun, sword art online, and other shows such as these.

    SLICE OF LIFE - now for me, slice of life means a few simple things, it is typically a story of a group of 4-5 highschool girls and what they do on a daily basis. for me slice of lifes have literally NO PLOT. it is just what they do, sort of like the show friends, but minus the plot and all girls. 2 shows to me that promote these ideals are lucky star and yuruyuri, both enjoyable but i love lucky star much more. just pure entertainment with no plot that you need to keep up with over the course of the season(s)

    DRAMA - to me is a slice of life with a plot, same sort of idea of a group of highschool kids, which usually has a male or 2 involved. these can be much more dramatic (duh) and usually give a much more in depth character background to its cast than what i would consider a slice of life to be. for me DRAMAs incluse clannad and kannon 2006. shows like those are what i consider to be dramas.

    HAREM - the dreadful harems! the shows that plague every single season of animes sense forever lol. it can be very tricky for a harem to be good, its 99% of the time about 1 guy with 4-5 girls who want his piece, with only actually 2 of them wanting him for who he actually is, and 1 of those 2 being the victor in getting him. most harems try to develop some half ass plot just as an excuse for the animator to show close ups of bouncy unrealistically large breasted 16 year olds. i have seen a lot of harems but i honestly have only like maybe 2-3 of them because they actually had a decent plot to follow. one of which is boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai and a bridge to the starry skies, there is also 1 i am forgetting.

    then there are shows where i honestly have no idea where to place them. such as the monogatari series, considering its a mix of fantasy, drama, action, and adventure(in the sense of all the trials the main character goes through in the people he meats)
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    Have you seen Inuyasha? I like it although it can be a bit tedious during filler episodes but there are plenty of guide/reviews out there on which are the filler episodes so you can skip them.

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    Looks like you're far enough down the rabbit hole to enjoy Fate/Zero. It's old but you might like Escaflowne and I always recommend Claymore.

    You liked Chuuni, so more Kyo Ani like K-On! and Haruhi should be up your alley too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    Looks like you're far enough down the rabbit hole to enjoy Fate/Zero. It's old but you might like Escaflowne and I always recommend Claymore.
    Oh yes, Claymore is a good one, as is Death Note if you like a good story. I liked Fate too, couldn't get into Escaflowne personally. I actually saw a pretty cool one called Elemental Gelade, I liked it although it got quite weird towards the end and in my opinion it has a pretty standard anime story.

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    So few good animes that comes out nowdays. Out of every new show that starts maybe 1-2 are even decent. I can only recommend SAO from this season and you have already seen it.

    I could recommend the new Hunter x Hunter but it might not be for you judging by your list of watched shows. Maybe have a look at Zetsuen no Tempest and Btooom!.

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    yes i have seen all of inuyasha, hard to forget seeing as it is like 200 episodes lol

    and ya i forgot to also mention death note and claymore haha.

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    My personal favorites (in no particular order, although the starred ones are superb ones):
    Full Metal Panic***
    Shakugan no Shana
    Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (As long as you don't mind being horribly, horribly confused)
    Elfen Lied***
    Rosario + Vampire
    Our Home's Fox Deity
    Mashirorio Symphony
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya***
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    Honestly suprised that you liked Code Geass but not Zetsuen No Tempest, but try out Guilty Crown.

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    D.Gray-Man is nice aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcelos11 View Post
    Honestly suprised that you liked Code Geass but not Zetsuen No Tempest, but try out Guilty Crown.
    oh i liked blast of tempest, the stars one were just ones i really enjoyed

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    Can recommend Welcome to the NHK and Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi. Liked both of the tbh, still haven't finished Hoshizora though.

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    gonna take a shot at guilty crown,i will save this thread and update it with things i have seen that you guys have recommended so i do not have to keep making new ones

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    Try Kimi ni todoke, is a pretty good anime and it only have like 30 chapters

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    Looking at the list you didnt watch the original series of Full metal alchemist. It is really worth watching and imo it is better then brotherhood. Btw they both actually follow fairly different stories by the end, so while it will be similar to begin with, by the end it will be a very different story. Also Death Note is really good. But then again my knowledge of anime is probably very lacking compared to other posters so their advice would probably be more worth while

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    Tengen toppa gurren lagann
    hajime no ippo
    Hellsing ova
    outlaw star
    Hunter x Hunter (new or orignal. the new one is pretty close to where the original ended, but I liked the original pacing a slight bit more)
    Bamboo Blade
    Welcome to the nhk
    Full metal panic
    eureka seven
    death note
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Fate zero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mondroc View Post
    couldn't get into Escaflowne personally.
    Don't worry, you aren't missing much. Escaflowne is a show that started off kind of cool, got all kinds of awesome later on, and then ended with a total clusterfuck of BS plot holes and deus ex machina.

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    @OP: Based on your star listing, I think you will like:
    - Haruhi Suzumiya
    - Dennou Coil
    - Ouran High School Host Club
    - Fate/Zero
    - Welcome to the NHK
    - Genshiken
    - Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
    - Ben-to
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    I didn't pay much attention to your list so maybe i will repeat one or two.

    Welcome to N.H.K
    School Days
    High School of the Dead
    Samurai X
    Death Note
    Devil May Cry

    Don't you like One Piece? You refer Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail but not One Piece. You are losing a hell of an adventure.

    Ps: Wow, when i see your lists guys i feel like i am a starter in the anime world. I think i didn't saw more than 10-12 animes and i think it's too much, but then i see your lists here on mmo champion, not necessarily this thread, and... OMG!
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    Try the Steins gate.;Gate

    Funny is that video game was out before the anime.

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    Check out Angel Beats, short series but for sure a good one!

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