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    arms gemming same as fury?

    new warrior player, and im wondering if this is the case...if arms gems the same as fury..for crit

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    At a certain gear lvl, you should start gemming crit. From what ive read, a mid to high 480s ilvl is where you would probably gain dps from gemming crit. It supposedly sims higher at that point. The only exception is if you are a jewelcrafter. You still want to use the strength JC only gems if you are arms.

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    Arms favors STR a bit more than fury, but in general you should go for crit.
    Also, haste > mastery for arms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turskanaattori View Post
    Also, haste > mastery for arms.
    All the sources I've seen say mastery > haste for arms. What do you base your comment on?

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    Technically, Haste in most sims does outweigh Mastery. But honestly, most still go for Mastery due to the better synergy with Fury gearing.

    And yes, Arms always gems crit at all gear levels.
    Strength weighs are typically around 2ish
    And Crit is usually around 1.5 - 1.9ish
    (Seriously, you have to sim it for yourself.)

    160*2 = 320 dps gain.
    320*1.7 = 544 dps gain.
    (1.7 was average between the ranges above.)

    And again, it also synergies better with Fury gearing anyhow.

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    Every sim I've run has haste>mastery after around 490 ilvl HOWEVER it's always been incredibly close, like .03 SEP. Since mastery is better for fury, I just stick with mastery reforges for when I play fury.

    My last sim ran crit at .55 SEP. All this really means is that most times you gem pure crit, unless you can get a socket bonus (which are worth reaching for arms in most cases, but often aren't worth getting for fury.)

    Basically yellow/prismatic=320 crit.
    Red= inscribed (Str/crit)
    Blue=lightning (crit/hit)

    Check my armory, basically.

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