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    see how many orgasms i could have in 24 hours.

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    Pee standing up.
    Fart loudly.
    Scratch my balls.
    Rinse and repeat for a while.

    Have sex with a woman, because I've always been curious about what it feels like for men. Descriptions are inadequate.
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    Boobs would've been grabbed haha!

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    I would affirmative action my way into a job of high ranking. Can I also change ethnicity for the day too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    Explore the physical sensation of vaginal stimulation/masturbation. You know, it's kind of one of those things that, as a male, I would never be able to comprehend.

    Then I would embrace my inner femininity and explore that fabulous world of women's clothing.

    Then I would analyze my experience in the world, and compare how differently I am treated (in both positive and negative ways) as a female as opposed to a male.

    I won't lie. As a heterosexual male with absolutely zero sexual attraction to men, I have always had a small, nagging thought in the back of my mind asking how my life would be if I were a female. In many aspects, I envy women. Though there are also many aspects of life that are in my favor being a male (not that I'm saying that that's alright, but it is how it is).
    Probably the same.

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    I would try out some female clothes and makeup. Then i would go to a gym or a bath house, when i get home after that i would obviously take a few pictures/videos of myself when i masturbate and upload it to the web.

    But how would my family react when i wake up? What if it's just an illusion and in reality i'm an insane cross dresser for a day?

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    grab the twins and dont let go till the day is over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerath View Post
    Have sex with a woman, because I've always been curious about what it feels like for men. Descriptions are inadequate.
    This but reversed.

    It swaps your attractions as well right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiili View Post
    This thread title reminds me of this comics/series or what to call it but for longer

    OnT: I don't know, really. Probably hide until it's over. Maybe try to convince one of my friends so I could try out what sex as a male would be like.
    I love that webcomic.

    On topic though, if I suddenly woke up in a female body I'd probably spend the first couple of hours freaking out and pacing back and forth behind a locked door while my mind races. I'd question whether or not the message saying it'll last only one day is true. I'd be worried about what the people I live with would say/think if they saw me, hence spending that time behind locked doors. I'd probably freak out some more if I realized I need to call in sick for work, cause it'd be a little weird to suddenly have a girl calling in. I suppose I could pretend I was a relative or a girlfriend or something. Once I calmed down after deciding the best course of action, I'd probably stay in my bedroom all day so nobody sees me. I'd also realize it's my opportunity to experience what female masturbation is like, like pretty well every guy in the thread. I might try to see whether or not my sexual orientation changed by browsing through porn on my computer.

    On a side note, I'm startled by how many people that have said they would commit various crimes since they think they could get away with it if they don't get caught before they change back.
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    You guys are so creepy lol...

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    I'd probably just stay in bed and play with myself for 24 hours.

    I mean, you gotta wonder... Do male and female orgasms feel the same? Are there any differences? Since you really could never know otherwise...
    Being called foolhardy just means regrets and limits won't ever stop you.

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    Get a job, i'm a dude now.

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    i'd play with my tits for a few minutes and then i'd be sad because i no longer had a penis

    And while the cobras dance around your feet like you're a god
    It only takes one bite for you to realize you are not

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    sell my body to science to figure out wtf is going on.

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    Look at myself naked, of course...
    Man, I've got bags under my eyes... BAGS OF MONEY!
    See ya later, peasants.

    Praise The Sun!

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    Late before the night is over, I'd rob a store bare naked so that the media would have proof that it was a girl who robbed the store and not just some guy with tits. Or do the same to some rich dude, act like I want to get with him, slip him a drug and steal his money when he brought me back to his place, he'll think some girl robbed him too haha.
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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    Grab some lady friends, make a circle around our shoes and purses and just ... dance.

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    *sigh* If it was for more then 24 hours (say... permanent) I would be so freaking excited. But since it would be for 24 hours apparently I'd be insanely sad.

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    If I'm attractive, take nude pics for myself.

    If look like a man with a vagina, sleep as long as I possibly can.

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