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    Well beside the pervy stuff, i would probably not do much.... I really really really like being a guy.
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aftonflickan View Post
    Personally I'd see what it feels like to wear lip gloss.... and wether or not people really are nicer to women in general than men :P lol!
    no need to change gender to experience the lip gloss , and about the being nicer to woman part i guess it depends a lot on the attitude of the person male or female.
    since the attitude didn't change i guess they will just look at your boobs.

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    masturbate and then find a lesbian
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    play with my tits...obviously ^^
    Why even asking? Totally this...
    "staph whinning kid if u dont like pvp go to a potato pve server so u can play against bots" -Armiger

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    Leftcoast 2 blocks from the beach, down the street from a green haze called Venice.
    Since this is a magical change, and who ever or what ever did it wrote a note, I would try and find them. So I could learn the magic and also make it a permanent change.

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    Play with my boobs instantly.

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    I'd do exactly as I normally do.

    Being a guy really wouldn't change much.

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    play with my newly acquired female assets.

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    Go to my school & read the female toilet doors c: loads & loads of shit on them & the girls I know from school refuse to tell me ._.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokepikamon View Post
    Since i'm a boy i would have a lesbian party with 50 girls. Naked! ahahaha
    If you could find 50 lesbians and have an orgy under 24 hours, i would be impressed.

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    Haha well.. this made me think a bit! Depending on where I am, if I was in Norway with the Girlfriend I would probably wake her up and see what she has to say and hopes that she's up for it

    Or on the other hand if I was back at home in England I would explore how the female orgasm feels, I mean c'mon which man wouldn't?!


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    I cant believe there not more "Play with my Boobs" responses

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    Would be nice to finally compare being kicked in the balls and womens "monthly" cycle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathias View Post
    Go to my school & read the female toilet doors c: loads & loads of shit on them
    Why do you have shit on the doors :c

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    I'd have so much fun that I'd die b4 24 hours was up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    On average, the female body is able to experience a far greater magnitude of sexual pleasure than a male. The interior of the vagina has very few nerve endings, and even fewer erotogenic nerve endings (the ones specifically for detecting sexual pleasure) - most of the interior nerve endings are simply for touch a pain (thus supporting that a longer penis generally has little effect on a male's ability to pleasure a woman, as long as they have at least 4-5 inches to work with - girth is a bit more important). The exterior of the vagina has over 8000 nerve endings, most of which ARE erotogenic, not to mention the clitoris is an extremely concentrated node of erotogenic nerve endings, compared to the glans of the penis.

    A circumcised penis on the other hand only has a total of about 3,500 erotogenic nerve endings, including both the glans and the shaft. That's less than half.

    HOWEVER, the foreskin of the penis contains over 20,000 erotogenic nerve endings, accounting for over 85% of all the sexual nerve endings in the male body (so, a circumcised male generally experiences 85% less pleasure than an uncircumcised male).

    But there's more to it than that.

    A woman can take continuous sexual stimulation, even past orgasm, and still derive sexual pleasure from it, potentially leading to multiple orgasms. Females also tend to require more sexual stimulation to reach orgasm. It is extremely quick and easy to achieve orgasm as a male, and when orgasm is reached, the penis is out for the count for several minutes. This is the reason why skill at foreplay is important for a male to be good in bed.

    On the subject of orgasm, that is the majority of the pleasure a male experiences in sexual activity. The few seconds of ejaculation. Whereas the female orgasm is more of an amazing conclusion to a good ride, the male orgasm is several minutes of work all over and done with in just a coupe of seconds.

    Sooooo, to answer your curiosity, It's probably quite a bit better "normal" for you.
    Whoa dude. I never imagined I'd learn this much about such a subject on MMO-Champion. You did, however, re-ignite my envy of women for the amount of pleasure they derive from the acts, where as we, well... you explained everything.

    On topic though, I'd probably do what most people have already mentioned. Really, I'm guessing anyone would.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tya View Post
    As a warlock, allow me to be the first to say that I get tremendous amounts of joy from watching fear pathing take you to Africa.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drayarr View Post
    Twinking is like going back to school when you are 30, just to be smarter than the other kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjanson View Post
    Couldn't say what hurts more, but at least with childbirth there's a positive attached. There's no upside to getting kicked in the testicles.
    There's an incredibly small chance your voice will change from shock and you may go on to becoming an international singing sensation like Justin Beiber. Wait a minute you said positives.... Forget I said anything.

    OT: Barge into my best friend's house and demand to be comforted... I'm honest...
    Naftc, "Hunters are the cheapest class in game and when played right are more deadly than a train plowing through a field of bunnies covered in napalm"

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    Fap schlick.

    If I am not a DFC, suicide.
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    That whole "I'd play with myself and stare at myself in the mirror and never leave the house" thing is such an immature and childish answer.

    .......that being said yeah it's totally what I'd do.

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    My friend keeps going on about al the girls he's done and how amazing they say he is in bed. I'd put him to the test.

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