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    Wireless Troubles

    So I've been having some real problems with my internet of late, and so thought I would come here to look for advice. I pay for 50Mbps down from Comcast, and until about 2 weeks ago was getting a comfortable 45Mbps, which I was happy with. That was on my wired computer, and my wireless would get 25-30 around the same distance from the router. The wireless computer is a mac and this wired one is a PC, and the router is an Apple Time Machine. Now in the past two weeks my speed on the wired computer has dropped DRAMATICALLY, to 1-2Mbps, whereas the wireless computer has stayed the same at 25-30. I have tried changing the cable, and power cycling, and all that jazz, to now avail. I feel it has to be a router problem, as the modem is rather new. Any advice, or ideas, or recommendations on a new router (with dual band) would be welcome.

    edit: The drops in speeds do not seem as drastic in gaming performance, but are extremely noticeable in browsing.
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    Don't worry it is a router problem because i was facing the same but after some time it was ok.
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