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    Closed loop CPU coolers: Corsair vs NZXT


    Did not expect those NZXT coolers to be that good Oo. $139 for the X60 is quite expensive tho.

    H100i on low settings vs the X60 on low: 36.8 vs 31.6°C ambient temps... That's pretty sick Oo
    CPU: I5 2500K @4.5ghz (1.285v), CPU cooler: Corsair H100 push/pull GPU: MSI R7970 Lightning @1200Mhz, Case: Corsair 650D, Ram: 16GB Corsair vengeance, Mobo: Asrock Z77 Extreme4, PSU: Corsair TX650M, SSD: Samsung 830 128GB, HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB SPU: Xonar Essence STX

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    They are 140mm radiators.
    More fin area = more heat dissipation = colder.

    The further you press the overclocks and heat, the bigger the advantage will grow.
    They had a pretty soft overclock, the absolute bottom of where you can expect Sandy/Ivy Bridge to clock to.

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