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    Lightbulb Restoration unresolved problems.

    Healing rain is overpowered yet useless in spread fights.

    Chain heal is obsolete. Glyph of chain heal is devastating in progression 25 mans.

    Thankfully most fights are stacked. That's not a solution to our problems.

    I'm actually performing quite amazingly with my shaman. -> thanks to me being in 25 man guild and overusing our beloved Healing Rain.

    Blizzard reacted inaccordingly in late cata, by stating that shamen are weak in spread healing and adding a 10 % hp buff rendering us a bit more powerful with a buff that is completely unrelated to our core problem: stacking.

    SLT requires stacking.

    Even if we pump crazy numbers, even if we have lot's of utility we still, after so many years we still are fucked in spread fights.

    Spread ...the word.

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    Same problem we had in Cata, just bandaid fixed with RT glyph and HTT/Ascendance.

    I don't find raid healing to be that terrible, most aoe damage situations thankfully are stackable like you mentioned.

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