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    Um...Seal of Truth was nerfed back in November and it's tooltip was updated in 5.1. There has been no further nerf to Seal of Truth so not sure where you are getting this information at. Not even the nerf to Seal of Insight needs a new tooltip.
    The tooltip definitely isn't updated, I just checked and in prot it has 12% holy damage and similar scaling to SP as it did in holy. Of course post-nerf, it's definitely not the same scaling as holy...

    The tooltip update has been datamined for 5.2. It's not really an issue since the nerf as you said has been live for a while, but I can understand some people being confused if they aren't up to date with the class changes and didn't read the meters to realize how pathetic the SoT/censure damage is.

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    since the nerf SoT is garbage now.. it adds maybe 400 or 600 extra dps.. minus the constant healing that scales with vengeance it doesnt help. imagine if the healer is actually dpsing because theres no healing to do? im sure they can pull off more dps than sot can easily.

    so use SoI

    plus always use sacred shield.

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    Use SoI
    /End Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by KalaK View Post
    Well, im raiding and in progression for the heroics raids. You should never use SoT for any reason, but, what im trying to do, is to get 5 stacks of censure on the boss, and then switch to SoI, then just refresh the dot, when my GC allow me. Sacred shield is mandatory, except for tsulong... i strongly recommend selfless healers for there. wait for the breath and BAMM, a 1.2M crit heal to the boss, nothing bad. Try with holy prism, is one of the best cd you can use, you can heal you party, like four kings, or you can damage 5 enemies while healing someone, like empress. execute is awfull on any figth, hammer is a sweet ability, i recommend it on the 4th boss of hof, and the first 4 fights of mv. elegon spheres can take 100k of damage each one from holy prism, and avenger shield destroy them like a piece of butter. i actually reforging to haste, im good right now, a lot of mitigation comes from the reduction of the gc. i hope this helps You're suggesting that someone should waste 2 GCDs every 15 seconds seal swapping to keep a 5stack of (nerfed) censure rolling on a target? That means 2 HoPo missed (or 2 other fillers, such as HW or Cons, BOTH of which out-damage a rolling stack of censure at ANY vengeance level), which means less overal mitigation. That also means less self healing, and yes, less threat. I urge you not to do this, for your sake...and strongly urge you not to advocate this playstyle to anyone.

    Prism is perhaps the worst talent for prots in PVE as well, due to many of the same reasons listed above. Using 3x the GCDs of Lights Hammer or ES, you are missing out on HoPo throughput and other fillers. LH (assuming it is cast on AT LEAST yourself and the boss) is the most effective talent for damage/heal per execute time, followed by ES, and then Prism. I doubt anyone has difficulty with elegon adds, but tossing a LH on Elegon allows you to hit him and all 6 adds at the spawn, and will persist for 18 seconds of dps time on elegon. It will also still be up and healing once all the dps is back on elegon between spark waves. Food for thought.

    As for Tsulong, SH isn't a bad talent, but he has been hotfixed to allow ES to be cast on him. You should try the FoL glyph out with execution sentence, and FoL him on the first GCD of breath, cast ES and then throw a WOG at him. This can be repeated every 2nd breath for serious healing.

    Anyway, back on topic: SoI always. No ifs, ands or buts. Until such time as a gimmick fight exists that caters to DOT damage, SoT will be useless and SoR will still need to be removed forcibly from my seal bar somehow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Malthanis View Post
    We'll all be appropriately shocked/amazed when Nairobi actually gets an avatar, but until then, let's try to not derail the thread heckling him about it.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)
    20k and counting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjolnir1122 View Post
    Well I appreciate that, as well as the above posters who corrected me. Personally, I have seen a significant damage increase in SoT as opposed to SoI, and absolutely no difference in threat (I'm reforged more towards control than avoidance). However, I'm going to test this out a bit and see the difference for myself
    Why test, you said there was a significant damage increase? You even mentioned RET using SoI as a good idea... Are we playing two different games?

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