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    Race change for PVP

    Hi guys,

    Currently my mains a panda warrior, pve guild, going alright in hms - but lately I've been bit by the pvp bug. Been doing KFC and climbing ranks (slowly and I was thinking of race changing to a better pvp race as the main panda benefit is disabled in ranked pvp.

    Now I know Orcs are the supposed best, but I have already brought a 2H sword on my panda for tmog reasons and it looks like blizzard won't be changing it to an axe for me.
    My question to you more knowledgable guys out there:
    Is the Orc racials minus the +exp from the axe better than the undead racials?

    I understand either or is a very minor benefit, but let's min max for a bit hey?


    (if it helps, I'm ms tank so the undead heal may be good, but focus on the pvp)

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    humans and orcs make the best warriors i think,even more so for pvp.yes its worth it to get the most out of your weapon racials so get a new weapon.

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    I see more Undeads with Elite than I do Orcs. So go Undead. I personally like my 2 second AoE silence.

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    Orc, 4 second stuns turn into 3 second stuns with the meta

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    Human is the best IMO for ally, and for horde I would go Orc, or Undead. Both are good i think though

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    Warriors already have sap/sleep break with Berserker Rage, so UD racial isn't as good. Also the reduced Stun duration on Orcs is a really helpful thing especially when paired with Meta gem bonus.

    Also having a 3rd Trinket(Blood Fury) is a really good one for the CD stacking.

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    Orc or undead is way to go, all up to you.

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    Orcs are better than Undead, outisde for the looking good factor ;p.

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    Go orc, dont worry about the wep, exp is not a big deal in pvp, it also could benefit you: more dodges > more OP.

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    Cheers guys - went orc. Figured its pretty similiar to alliance, they (humans) get a third trink with racial, orcs get a lesser dps trink. Next season ill take advantage of the +exp.

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