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    There is none. It really is the most horrible customer service I've ever experienced, and it's part of the reason I quit. Game is good though.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You cannot do that while stunned.
    You die.
    You are dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slugfest View Post
    I have to agree with everyone here, worst CS from a company I've ever dealt with. Won't go into specific stories but if being on hold for 5+ hours is your idea of fun for days on end then EA/BW will win every time.
    See immediately when they sent my friends a copy-paste email saying, Theres nothing we can do right now you will have to call us, I warned them that to solve thier problem (which would probably require at most a 5 minute phone call or just one explained email) would mean they would have to be on hold for hours.

    That's why thier CS rating is so bad they just keep passing around the problem untill it's more hassle then the original problem. My friend pretty much resigned to stop playing the game so I had to ask him to let me use his account to try and get help. After fiddling with different methods we finally found an odd work around to his problem (Error 16).

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    i give them a 5,they were great once you are able to get through,but its getting through that's the problem it takes forever i was on the phone for 3 hours and 30 mins total,waiting for someone to deal with my problem.but when they did deal with my problem i was happy with the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychlon View Post
    In Eq2 there would be even some SOE devs playing in top ranked raiding guilds going for world firsts.... guess how well that turned out with the competition.

    I know some people which had changed their name in SWG but for example I couldn't, tried several times, even tried the same person which had changed names before but got refused because "he can't do it" even though he could have.
    Yeah this CSR would do the same thing. If she knew you, you could get her to do anything ( I even talked her into changing my armor to a color that wasn't available) but if she didn't know you, you pretty much got ignored. Like I said it wasn't great either, but at least you had a shot in the dark.

    With BioWare, the one ticket I put in they told me to call. After calling and being on hold for over two hours, they refused to help me and told me I needed to put a ticket in. Even after making them aware that I was calling because the ticket told me call, they didn't care and hung up on me. Once that happened, I just stopped trying to get help and dealt with whatever the problem was.

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    Their CS is not very good. Many months ago, my Ops team went into EC and killed Vorgath. We stopped for the night. The next day, we cleared the trash to Kephess. Got to the chest and found it couldn't be looted. Contacted CS and they told me that they had no evidence of an unlootable chest. I can understand that they don't want people to be able to loot the chest multiple times by basically resetting the instance, but to not know that nobody looted that chest was lazy and pathetic.

    A couple month after that, we did the group finder Op for the BH comms. Finished the Op and didn't receive comms. Contacted CS. Didn't receive a response from an actual person for a week. Once again, piss poor CS.

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