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    Frost Gemming

    I had noticed that the top mage on my realm who is a frost mage was using a haste heavy gemming and I decided to change my gemming around and do some sims to see why he had done this.

    Just to clarify what I mean by haste heavy gemming: Red Sockets=Reckless Vermilion Onyx, Yellow Sockets=Quick Sun's Radiance, Blue Sockets=Lightning Wild Jade

    The results say that in a patchwerk fight the haste heavy gemming is only 279 dps behind and in a helter skelter fight the haste heavy gemming is 1495 dps ahead.

    Now I know because these sims are in my gear they aren't the same for everyone so I would like to know if anyone else has had similar results? I'm trying to work out if my sims are right and also if the standard intellect frost gemming is actually right.
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    I just changed to normal frost gemming with int gems etc, since simcraft told me that int is way ahead of haste and when calculating gems etc int was ahead of 150 points or so for me,
    160 vs 320 gems. BUt still now im doing less dps then i was doing in full haste gems for frost. Its confusing

    Going to test on dummies now with both sets of gemming etc, and testing both out in raids, so far ive trusted simcraft always but in this case it seems abit wierd.

    Im loosing alot of haste when gemming to int, why do the top mages go full haste builds jtmzac? - Armory.

    Stat weigts from sim
    4.21 int
    3.41 Spell power
    3.13 hit
    1.68 Haste
    1.65 Crit
    1.42 Mastery
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