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    What is so annoying about it not being useful all the time? Its incredibly useful when it counts.

    Progression is more important than farming anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilsminion View Post
    I have a problem with the shaman mastery. Yes its good to a certain extent, but its only active some of the time.
    Where as every other healer has an always active mastery.
    I believe this makes us less useful as other healers become better geared

    does anyone else feel like this?
    and if they were to change our mastery, what should they change it to?

    Idea: mini rain. You have a 20% chance to create a mini rain over a player you heal which heals them for 10k every 2 secs for 10 secs. (this moves with the target)
    Idea: Tsunami. You have a 50% chance when moving, to crate a tidal wave over 3 random targets healing them for 50k every second for 50 seconds (always choosing targets with lowest hp and biggest income of damage at any given time), if no damage is detected incoming or no 3 players is below 50% hp, no procs occur to avoid overhealing.

    While Tsunami is active, your spirit also increases by 30.000, resets the cooldown of your Mana Tide Totem and granting a flat 50% damage reduction barrier lasting for 50 seconds on you and your totems.

    On a serious note though OP, have you considered how to play your chosen class?- have you considered not using Skada / Recount etc as it's the biggest fail addons in history?- have you considered that no one class is mean't to be OP in all fights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarevokcz View Post
    You have reading problems or what? I never said I want the nerfs reverted. but obviously even after all these nerfs resto is still way too powerful. They nerfed pretty much everything they can to not affect pve (much), it should be obvious to anyone by now, that our utility toolkit isnt the main problem behind resto OPnessIs it too hard to type and see for yourself? We have 3 good fights but on the rest we are pretty much below average and on several of them dead last. And Thats on 25man, 10man is even worse. Obviously this super duper mastery for progression doesnt match the output of other healers too much

    Yet the manacost wasnt nerfed... And like I said, the priest dispel heal didnt compare because our was boosted by mastery, otherwise they healed for not so different values
    Originally Posted by Devious009

    Who's talking about wotlk and cata ? I'm talking about now in mop with the new talent system with the change to interrupts dispelling ccing and healing. Are you saying that if they excluded shamans from all these changes and kept all those abilities in their original form + all the new stuff we got in mop that shamans will be perfectly fine ?
    And this was your reply

    Yes, you talk now as if resto was top choice NOW and not for the last two years, which makes no sense. Im talking about the whole time since resto became the top choice for arena healer. And Ill say it again, they are nerfing the wrong things, while leaving the most important one untouched. they could nerf talents to hell and back and resto would still be too powerful.
    So you want to be top choice and nothing less is that it ? because you are not making much sense. Im talking about Resto Shaman in GENERAL both PvE and PvP, reason for being top choice in PvP on top of a strong mastery ? Resto shaman being VIRTUALLY immune to interupts and silences due to being able to heal with totems. Yes I agree that the totem nerf was not the best way they could have gone about it but that doesnt automaticlly mean that changing resto Shaman's mastery is the answer, you make it sound like if Blizzard changes resto shaman's Mastery and still kept totems as a non-spell ability their OPness in PvP will be automatcilly be fixed, Shamans will still be able to heal even when interupted and silenced and that brings us back to square one.

    Raidbots, from what I see we are pretty much average, the spec that I see performaing miles ahead of everyone else is Disc priests but looking at resto shaman numbers there isnt that much difference between us and others and we have our good fights and bad fights just like any other healer. 10 man is obviously gonna be worse because we are suited to heal bigger groups, yes resto shaman need something changed to help in that category but in 25 they are performing good.

    ofcourse Blizzard had to step in and nerf Cleanse's mana cost it was obsurdly overpowered and that mana cost nerf pretty much killed it even with our Mastery untouched at that time.
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