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    Issue with logging into a character. Need Help!

    Hey guys, I've only just recently finished downloading the game a couple of days ago and I'm already experiencing a major issue, in regards to my lvl 16 character. The issue is pretty straightforward, yet, for the life of me, I am unable to get it to work after I did exactly what it told me to do.

    Here's the problem:

    **Btw, I'm a free to play user, not a subscriber**

    - I log in to my account, click "Play" on my lvl 16 Sith Maurader
    - Receive "Error Code: 16" which reads,

    "To continue playing this character, you must validate an email address for your account. You may validate your email by visiting https://account.swtor.com/user/info.
    - I click on the link and did exactly what it said.
    - Go back to the screen, click the button, and still, same error message.

    I tried searching the forums on the official website through customer service to see if anybody else was experiencing this problem, and only one thread was recently made regarding "Error Code: 16". It won't even let me post on the forum at all. God forbid. Says I'm restricted, somehow.

    That thread also got no response from a staff member, and is now being burried amongst the many other threads.

    So I have no where else to turn to but here

    Anybody know what's going on?
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    From reading a few things it seems like they are having issues with people who had trial accounts getting switched to F2P accounts. Everyone seems to only have issues once they get a toon past level 15. They haven't listed it as an official issue yet though

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    Yeah, it has to be some issue in dealing with the change, going from 15 as a cap to now supposedly 50 (For FTP users). I can't believe this hasn't been a bigger issue. Nobody has commented on it from Staff members yet and it boggles my mind.

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    same problem (
    FIXED! Change your e-mail addres and verify it
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    I never understood this. I can understand blocking F2P players from General Discussion, PvP, etc. But the New Player forum and Customer Service? That's just silly.

    But then again, as you've already seen the community support doesnt usually reply to any threads, even Customer Service. If they do reply, it's usually because the player is having trouble buying cartel coins. Atleast, that's what I see looking at the forum now.

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    Sorry, as a f2p you don't get customer service. Welcome to Tor!

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    Sorry I would of helped you sooner but I got banned for speaking out against someone who was an ass to me.

    My friend got his account fixed but we arn't exactly sure how it happened.

    What we did.

    - We went to swtor.com
    - logged into his account
    - Clicked "My account"
    - On the side menu we went to "Redeem codes" or something like that
    - It then stopped us and said we needed to confirm his email.
    - using that page he added his email and pressed submit or confirm or something
    - He got the email in his email inbox moments later
    - This time when he clicked the link in the email it actually said it was successful!
    - He had to log out of the game and log back in a few moments later and he could play his character!

    Hopefully this will work for you too.

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