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    help me choose between 2laptops (sorta-gaming)

    so i wanna buy a new laptop mainly for playing league of legends and i cant decide with 1 of them.

    Turbox > clevo W270EN | SONY VAIO
    gt640m 2gb | ati radeon hd7650 1gb
    i5 3210m 2.5ghz | i5 3210m 2.5ghz
    6gb ram 1333mhz | 4gb ram 1333mhz
    750gb | 640gb
    17.3" 1600x900 | 17.3 1600x900 VAIO display plus
    800euro | 849euro

    windows index exp 5.2 | windows index exp 5.9
    cpu 7.2 | cpu 6.9
    ram 6.9 | ram 7.6
    gpu 5.9 | gpu 6.3
    graphics 6.3 | gpu 6.7
    hdd 5.2 | hdd 5.9

    now based on specs the windows indexes are weird it should be like the opposite but dunno

    help me choose please

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    I'd get an SSD if you could afford it. It REALLY pays off. Both laptops look fine. I'd go with turbo-x because of the better ram/gfx, although it looks bad.

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    From first hand experience: 1. Do NOT buy HP. 2. If you're buying a laptop with ATI GPU, be 100% sure that the laptop doesn't have an second internal graphic card (like intel 4000) or you will have a bad time.

    Also, I'd pick the left one.

    Edit: And a SSD for laptop is just too good, you really should get it if you can.
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