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    498 Pally Tank/491 Ret OS[16/16,4/16H+7/16H exp] LF non-tue/weekend guild. MG/Illidan

    As the topic says I currently run a 498 Paladin Tank with a 491 Ret OS. I'm in need of a non tuesday or weekend raiding guild 10m or 25m on either Mal'Ganis or Illidan. My toon currently resides on MG but can be transferred at any time. I have realm top 15 guild experiance (Mal'Ganis/Sergeras) and I am well versed on all aspects of my class. As for the 7/16H exp, I have multiple 4% attempts on bladelord and a few attempts on Heroic Kings. I also have very extensive progression on heroic Lei Chi, we'll just say people choke when that 5th add pops up. Anyway I'm looking for a guild with progression on par with mine or more, under certain circumstances I may go lower but chances are not. best way to contact me would be LiveID:[email protected]
    Character Name: Orÿx (152)
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