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    [A] 502 Heroic-Raid Experienced Rogue LF 14/16H+

    Hi, Westify here. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...stify/advanced

    Unfortunately my current raiding guild rotted away due to a complete lack of playerbase on my low population server so i'm actively looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild before 5.2 hits.

    I have been playing WoW since the middle of Burning Crusade and have consistently raided since then clearing all heroic content at either current tier or very shortly after. I have always been very progression driven, ensuring I'm maximizing my character's potential in terms of researching raid encounters or my classes personal theorycrafting.

    Different guilds look for different requirements so i'm not going to ramble on too much more about experience or kills rankings for now but if you fit the majority of what i'm looking for below feel free to drop a post and we can go from there

    **[A]lliance guild preferred**, i have a good amount of alts i play that i would most likely be interested in eventually transferring as well, going horde on 2-3+ toons is more than I'm willing to pay

    **14/16H+ 16'ish hours** despite current guild status given past raiding experience i would have no problem performing at a level that would justify 14/16H (or further) progression, that being said 16hours a week is what i'm ideally looking for (give or take a few for progression pushes)

    **No later than 10:30pst** I'm extremely east coast so 10:30pst is a loose cutoff

    None of the following are set in stone, however if you are a 7/16H horde guild that raids 8-12pst i doubt it will work out.

    I believe that i would be a great fit for any serious progression guild (10 or 25) that's looking to bolster its roster with a solid dps for 5.2. I can answer any other questions and provide WoL parses upon request

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    The Church is an Alliance 25man heroic progression guild on Darkspear.** We are currently 11/16H, and working on Protectors.* We love World of Warcraft, and we aim to offer a vibrant raiding community for PvE raiding. We are a 25-Man progression raiding guild and our #1 focus is killing bosses, but we offer a great community outside of raiding as well.* We are always recruiting exceptional players!
    Raid schedule:
    T|W|Th (+Fridays during the first week or two of progression)
    8:00-11:30PM MST
    Church members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of their groups. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others, and above all, we look for members who have that rare, but treasured combination of fun-loving maturity.
    We've cleared all content that's been released since the open of BC and have a few accomplishments under our belt:
    Server first Eredar Twins (pre-3.0)
    Server first Algalon 25 man (The Celestial Defender)
    Server first Yogg 0 25 man (Death's Demise)
    Tribute to Insanity 25
    Only guild on Darkspear with Dedicated Insanity
    Server first Heroic Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
    Server first Heroic Spirit Kings 25 man
    Server first Heroic Will of the Emperor 25 man (Delver of the Vaults)
    You can read more about us and apply online at www.churchguild.org or add my battletag “Elpay#1485” if you want to talk more about the guild. Please note, some kind of combat log such as WWS/WMO/WOL will greatly improve your chances of being accepted. First impressions are key.*
    P.S: Contrary to our name, we are not a religious guild in any way.

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    About Us:
    <Carried> is an alliance 10m raiding guild on US-Whisperwind. We were formed a few weeks after the start of the Cata, but are composed of players who have deep roots on the server and have mostly played with each other for some time.

    The guild's primary focus is to be a progression-oriented raiding guild while maintaining a relaxed and friendly environment. We raid because we enjoy it, but as we find raiding to be the most fun when it is done competitively, we take it seriously.

    We are currently 12/16 HM.

    Specific Information:
    [ul][li]Raid times are currently Tuesday-Thursday, 7pm-11pm server (CST) time. We will also occasionally raid Mondays 7-11 if the content calls for it.[/li]
    [li]We use a fairly straightforward communal loot system. The entire raid is free to discuss who should get loot. Final say usually goes to potential recipients, or to /rolls after all has been said. Loot is given out with the intent to bring about the most benefit to the raid.[/li][/ul]

    Current needs (core spots): spriest or boomkin with healing offspec, rogue (high priority), warlock

    If you have any questions or would like to apply, feel free to add Aker via RealID at Phph#1412 or contact Sprawlie, Xanrael, Ikatus, or Åkerfeldt (alt+0197) in-game. Or, if you'd prefer to apply via our website, please go to the recruitment section of http://www.carriedguild.com.

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    9/6 heroic looking for a 14/16 heroic guild?

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