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    [h] 10m guild LFM Mythological-Arthas

    MYTHOLOGICAL 10m - 16/16N [5/16H] Arthas

    MYTHOLOGICAL is currently seeking like minded raiders looking for a quality raid experience with a lower time commitment. We focus on a weekend raiding schedule that caters to people with busy IRL committed work weeks. Our guild is primarily an adult community that focuses on having fun, killing bosses, and playing WoW on our own terms.

    We are not a large guild, and we don’t recruit for bench spots so all recruits are for core positions. Attendance, is expected to be high.

    We feature one ten man raid team. Team one raids from 10AM - 1PM Eastern.

    We are currently trailing for one open core positions in our group. We are somewhat flexible with the class. We are looking for someone with a strong grasp of their class and knowledge of all current Pandaren content. We are particularly interested in of the following roles:

    currently looking for:

    Preferred tanks
    Warrior tank
    Dk tank
    Guardian druid

    bench spots available:

    Enhance shammy

    preferred healers

    If you like what you’ve read, please apply at http://mythological-arthas.com. You can also contact Nettie (Battle tag Nettie #1867 ) or Hugehefer ( Battle tag Gredoric#1250 ). You may also msg us in game.

    Thank you.

    Raid Group 1
    Raid Times: 10AM-1PM Eastern time Saturday and Sunday
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    looking for talented dps doesn't matter on the class just apply well get back to you.

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    all who apply must love pie..............

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    looking for what is implied so contact or post an application thnx

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    looking for people that bring thier A game so plz apply or contact thnx

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    still looking for a very good dps

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    Come on, play with us.

    You know you wanna, we're sexy.

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    bumped cause i needed too

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