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    A question on Monitor Selection

    Not necessarily needing an upgrade, my old monitor burnt out but I'm borrowing a friends who is in no rush to get it back, I've been waiting for some good sales and newegg popped up with some tempting ones. The feedback section was unhelpful to put it nicely. The options are as follows:




    200$ for a 27'' seemed like an amazing deal but I'm not sure if it's quality, and the other question is of course is there any noticeable difference between the two 24''. Any help is appreciated.
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    I'd go for the ASUS 24". I have VS247H myself, and I'm loving it. VE248H can't be much different I suppose.

    Only downside might be the not-so-black blacks, but I don't mind it that much.

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    i would go asus as well, anything over 24" needs a resolution bump IMO, and the asus has great specs.
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