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    Attaching computer to Television, need help with wires.

    Ok so here is the deal, the computer sits behind the TV (in the next room) thus I need a 6ft USB Extension cord for the receivers to my wireless mouse/keyboard

    Pretty sure this is what I need to buy

    Can I get a confirmation that it is the correct cable ? (I will be attaching a hub to it so that it can be used with both the keyboard/mouse)
    Also it should be mentioned that the computer will also have a wired keyboard/mouse attached and that the Video card supports dual video out as I intend to continue using the computer normally on occasion.

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    Yes, that should work.

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    Was also wondering about what video card I should use as the computer itself is a prebuilt piece of crap and still using the onboard video.

    My initial thought was to go with an Evga geforce gt520 but I would gladly go with a cheaper alternative if possible as the TV is only 40" though it is 1080p and the computer itself is used for little more than netflix/youtube and a few facebook games.

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    A GTS 520 won't be much improvement in games over onboard. You'll want to go for at least a 7770, and possibly replace your PSU as well since it's doubtful that the included one is sufficient.

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