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    Challende modes xmog question

    So some class get 3 set , some get more

    like warrior


    4 different color, now how come there is only 1 color available ingame?

    Are the other 3 just reserved for something else? At this point there is no point to do any challenge mode considering the xmog that is rewarded is the less appealing of the 4 and you cant get the other 3 from what ive seen.

    Question whatever you take for granted.

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    Almost every tier set up until about Mid cata had alternate colors that have never been added. A lot of mounts are the same way.

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    Blizz decided wich one they thought was the best looking colours for the sets and went with that.
    Blizz has almost allways released 3 colours of sets even before there was different difficulties.
    Doesn't matter whatever picture I post here, "Scrapbot" will allways infract me for it.

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    Great so now i was hoping to match my xmog with this new challenge mode xmog as there was a silver version, thank you blizzard for sparing my time , considering doing challenge mode wont give me want i want.

    Question whatever you take for granted.

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