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    Suggests new professions -

    - To go with already existing ones.

    I made myself a new alt today and was deciding on what new prof to level on him. I made a hunter, and to me for a gathering prof I always think skinning works well with it because of the track beasts spell, just like when I make a druid its usually herbalism because of the flight form aspect.

    anyway, something I realized about some profs, there isn't enough options to tie with already existing ones.

    For example. Choose herb gather, and with that you can choose to be an inscriptor or alchemist.
    Choose mining, and you can choose to go engineering, blacksmith or jewelcrafting.
    Choose skinning and only one that works with it is leatherworking.
    Choose tailoring, and usually the only one that works with it is enchanting, since it doesn't require any gathering jobs.

    It seems a little off place with some profs, and wondered what new profs could help with it.

    For example.
    enchanting gives you the ability to search though mining or herb materials for ancient dust or gems used in the profession.
    skinning leather, now gives you organs (yum yum) to be used in ritual cycles to summon stuff, or helps level cooking.

    Truth I can'y think much else to do with skinning, unless it involves something dark and grizzly like from silence of the lamps.


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    I put Mining and skinning together on an alt just for the passive buffs and the easy money. Plus, I could use my own mats to have some LW make me stuff. Worked out perfecting on my hunter.

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    I never realized how dull skinning was until you mentioned it... It makes sense to me to be able to gather blood through skinning, which could be used for a new profession (rituals/summong like you said) or could be used in alchemy.

    Also I think the whole farming dailies in MoP were a huge hit. I could see them adding a farming secondary profession that utilizes herbalism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastmasterGuardian View Post
    I put Mining and skinning together on an alt just for the passive buffs and the easy money. Plus, I could use my own mats to have some LW make me stuff. Worked out perfecting on my hunter.
    Well I've gotta agree with him...it's interesting that there are several different professions that use ore and a couple that use herbs, but only one that uses leather. Heck, even First Aid uses the cloth that tailoring uses.

    I would have replied sooner but I just can't think of anything else that the leather could be used for outside of leatherworking and selling it for gold. Even looked at the professions/crafts for other games I've played and couldn't think of anything new.

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    I'm going to reinterpret this topic as "create a new profession that's not currently in the game for players."

    What I'd want is something between Archaeology and Inscription. A profession that finds ancient stones containing residual power (from ores, archaeology fragments, and possibly some elementals) and creates new items including the current ones for battle pets Battle-Stones.

    For that specific purpose, they could legitimately make it so you start off only able to make "grey-to-white" stones then eventually white-to-green then have a proccing blue come from mixing several things like Trillium and stone fragments from Mogu constructs.

    Otherwise items that act like the other professions would be nice. Very short-term weapon procs. (Like the next five swings give +(lvl*100) elemental damage, has a chance of slowing the target by 50% or causes a 2 second stun. Unusable and deactivated in BGs and Arenas.) A 10% reputation bonus, lasts five minutes, 24 hour cooldown. Shields from (lvl*1000) damage, 5 minute cooldown and the same PVP restrictions. That kind of thing.
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    I think the game has enough professions, personally. I do agree that the interaction between gathering and production professions is somewhat skewed.
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    Skinning and Leatherworking go well, especially for a hunter you can make several unique items for transmog as well. The fur linings are decent as well. My hunter is LW/Mining, I used mining to generate income when she was a blood elf eons ago, I kept it because 2x titansteel was better than one in wrath when I xferred her to Alliance

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    A new gathering profession would penalize anyone at high level. The original idea for archaeology was best, kinda like paragon levels in D3.

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    I wouldn't mind improvements and redesign of certain areas of the current professions, rather than adding a new one. Skinning should come with leatherworking, as prospecting comes with jewelcrafting. I'd like to see a future for farming. I think this is great overall what they did with the ranch. I feel the profession window needs an update as well. It's clustered and messy.

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