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    Next big upgrade

    So I've got some christmas money and i'm finally looking to upgrade a few parts to my rig so I can play wow more effectively. All my spec info can be found below and the only changes are the video card had a SLIGHT upgrade. I was thinking maybe a processor upgrade to an i5 or i7 but I'm not sure. I'm just looking to spend money on a couple parts and I need to know which one(s) will give me the biggest boost, thanks!

    add www to the link below seeing as i can't post links


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    For you to go i5/i7 you would need a new motherboard, and likely new ram to go with it. You'll wan't to upgrade that video card as well, which may require a PSU upgrade, but I suspect not since your already running a 9800GTX. Give us a budget and I'm sure you'll get some ideas on how to go about upgrading.

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    replacing your motherboard can be costly, it all depends on your case as well. In otherwords you don't want to buy a motherboard that doesn't fit, when replacing your processor make sure the socket size matches.

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