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    Garrosh won't kill Aggra, yet he will be partly responsible for her death.
    In order to keep the Horde going against Humans, a member of the alliance
    has to kill Aggra while trying to kill/stop Garrosh. That would keep the WAR
    back in Warcraft still and make Thrall kill all those involved especially Garrosh
    who started it all.

    My proposal is that in the Org Raid or the patch before it, that Jaina will
    go to kill everyone in Org again or kill Garrosh while innocents are around
    then Aggra stops them with her Sha-ladyness. Jaina kills her because of
    her great power and ... because Jaina is crazy. This makes Thrall mad at
    both Garrosh who started this conflict and at humans who just want to blindly
    kill orcs.

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    *sarcasm* Yes the idea that Aggra is "expendable" now that she's had Thralls baby or the implication she's somehow holding him back isn't at all backward. *sarcasm*

    Also what's this about hating Go'el? I know some folks hate how unbelievably strong he'd gotten or that he wasn't apart of the Horde anymore, but really hate?

    As to the question. Maybe? I don't know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    Does ANYBODY even like Aggra? I don't think I've ever heard ANYONE defend her character.

    Thrall, Garrosh, Varian, Sylvannas, Anduin, even Rhonin I've seen people that both love and hate on them, but Aggra seems to be with med'an in the 'nobody likes you' camp.
    I like her quite a bit. She's a grounded and strong female character. I will admit she could really use a bit of unThrall-related character development though.

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    Dear Sweet Christ! I've just read this whole thread and I wish I could unread it. It's just so... *shudder*

    Yes people! A fictional character 'ruined' that other fictional character! It wasn't that the writers took him in a direction you don't like and/or didn't do a very good job of it. Nope completely her fault. Let's hope they kill her off and that'll totally totally fix your every complaint.

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