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    Quote Originally Posted by Forebode View Post
    So just searching for your opinions on this one. Let me start off with this:

    I work graveyard shift at 7-11 in California. (10pm-6am) My boss / owner of the store is my "relief" in the morning. The earliest she has shown up all year is 7am. She does guesswork on overtime. Puts down 2-3 hours on payroll when its really 5+. At first I didn't really so much mind, hey its overtime right?

    Well; in the last 8 months she has "messed up" payroll. Normally I get paid every thursday morning at midnight. When its messed up I dont get paid for another week (shes done it twice in a row) Which not only makes things very difficult, gas money, food, etc. But when I ask can you pay out money from the register and I pay it back from my paycheck or you can take it out of payroll; she throws a fit and doesn't do it.

    This last payroll screw up happened just last week. Nobody got paid, but the suck up employee all of a sudden recieves a $2000 christmas bonus... Ironic?

    I can testify on at least 4 major health code violations, she has the audacity to scold me over a customer spilling coffee right before she walks in the door (1.5 hours late) and scolded me as a child as if it has been there all night and that I'm just simply not doing my job at all. The store is not in an ideal location by any means. I do get all my work done, I don't slack off at all. I do however text occasionally (we do not get a lunch break, not allowed to even sit down without getting reamed as she watches the shift in fast forward as soon as she walks in the door)

    TLR This job is making me physically and mentally ill, feels like the boss just wants me to quit by making work conditions so frustrating. My question to you is, would that qualify for unemployment benefits for a short while till I find a new job even if I were to quit. I.e. Does it fall under the "Your boss makes work conditions so unbearable you don't have any reasonable choice but to quit."

    She throws a fit due to late night sales not competing with day sales. If you don't know how retail works; its simply not possible. But she expects it out of the other graveyard person and I.

    There is no human resources/ labor board / our rights as employees posted anywhere in the store. They were taken down as so we do not get to see them. She schedules herself for 6am-2pm and one other employee to come in at 9am and work along side her for the duration of her shift and a little longer. However as soon as the person shows up at 9 she bounces and is never seen again till the next morning.
    Dude, you live in California, why are you not suing her? You don't need HR, a labor board or any of that nonsense, take her ass to court! Plenty of attorneys would LOVE to take a slam dunk case like this for a portion of the settlement you WILL receive.

    Immediately from reading this, I see two California labor law violations: Not paying you for time worked, and refusal to grant you MANDATORY (in other words it's illegal for her to tell you you can't take them) breaks/meal breaks. For every six hours, you're entitled to a thirty minute meal break as well as 10/15 minute breaks every two hours (for every four worked). If you're a non-exempt hourly employee, which I'm sure you are, you're entitled to a pretty hefty amount of compensation.

    Some reading material for you:

    Also, start logging your hours so you can see how much she's stiffing you. Don't just roll over and accept defeat, otherwise you don't deserve to have better working conditions/get paid accurately. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
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    Just a quick update to any who may care or be in a similar situation:

    Earlier last year I was suspended for not throwing the less than a day old donuts away when we put the new ones out. I gave them to a humble homeless man who I felt some sympathy for.

    I got a new job across town and quit 711 when I aced the interview at the new place. After talking with new co-workers I pursued legal action against the old boss. Health and labor violations. Corporate was very interested in that suspension I had and she still had documentation of my time there. They conducted a full investigation on her books and other old employees came forth to back my statements up. That 7-11 is now a shell station.

    The day before I quit and what ultimately inspired me to really grab the next job, she had said to me "You will never do any better than this"

    Now even though I've received a hefty compensation; I still work the new job (and well I might add ) I work less hours and get paid 5 times the amount I was at 7-11.

    To anybody working minimum wage jobs; don't ever feel like you can't move up! I just wish I had known what I was capable of sooner. I know you can feel powerless but just keep at it

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    good for you

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