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    Monk WW lvl 90 PVP.

    I've been pvping on my WW monk as lvl 89 here the past few day's. I can safely say that I'm destroying every class I come across. I have all blues, also I'm an enchanter with a few enchants and also tailoring with the back enchant. I usually go 16-1 ( around there) every match with 7 million dmg done. What's your thoughts on being geared at 90 facing other classes that are geared pvp as well? Who do you have the most trouble with facing.

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    The class is underpowered in pvp and pve. Skill cap is to high. The performance output of each spec is underwhelming. Typical stuff farm honor get conq capped gear best you can. you are going to get face rolled by high burst classes anyway. but it also comes down to skill. if you are good at 90 (anything prior is just learning your class so dont brag + in bgs your probably facerolling bots anyway) play your spec well then you will always be competitive with the classes who are better just because of their spec. I am playing a monk and imho I dont see anything the class brings face to face that another class cannot do better in terms of melee dps. Just try to keep having fun when you do get into real pvp in arena 3v3 5v5
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    I thought that was the case Tru. That's why I'm trying to enjoy it at level 89 I suppose haha. But, hopefully with these 5.2 changes that will help.

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    I play a frost dk, currently I only do 2s for points...and I can say I never stress it when I see I am going against a monk...I can't recall ever loosing to a monk to be honest, at least to a WW monk...Mist is a little more difficult to kill but I wouldn't say hard.

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    Most of the community believe windwalkers in pvp are horrible, but like tru said, it all comes down to skill. I've done my fairshare of rbgs and arena, and I'm honestly kicking ass (with decent pvp gear compared to others). It's about using all possible resources, planning ahead, etc. The great news is that we're getting even more buffed 5.2 so ww pvp is gonna be a piece of cake

    also to note, tigereye brew is bugged right now where it will cost 8 chis to build a stack while combo mastery: tigerpalm is unused

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    Windwalker can be decent they're just hard to play to the same level as say a warrior, because you need to play extremely well to achieve the same effect.
    If you're doing ok now as a monk, you'll be "too balanced" shall we say next patch.

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    Id enjoy(ed) lvl 90 WW PvP. The only disgust I have is that all other classes are able to burst me down 100x easier and survive better against me passively 100x easier.

    IMO WW monks are too reliant on CDs like ToK. Though, patch 5.2 will change that with chi wave 100% healing buff, removal of chi for all utility/mobility/healing spells and more pressure.

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    I think SmashUpGaming (Youtube) does WW monk pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfootbigd View Post
    Most of the community believe windwalkers in pvp are horrible, but like tru said, it all comes down to skill.
    No, the class is bad and very cumbersome and annoying. It's not a "skill based" class, that's just people trying to make up an excuse for how bad the class is due to Blizzard's design. There are top pvpers on AJ trying to play WW monk and talking of the horrible struggle it is, while they can hop onto their other main and easily help out their team and gain rating. WW's are a burden right now which is why 5.2 is needed.

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    Got a few videos on my youtube channel; 3v3 (WW, Mistweaver, Mage) and some 2v2 (WW, Mistweaver). Could give you an idea of what its like. Personally even though its hard as a WW sometimes, I'm still enjoying myself and I'm looking forward to 5.2.

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