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    Mount and blade warband need advice.

    Hello, i'm a loyal Swadian player and i grew tired of hunting bandits and i wanted to rise in the ranks but you can't do a lot with your party capped at 70 so i decided to rebel and team up with the claimant but i though i would become the king and raise my party size cap by 100 yet did this not happen, and now i'm stuck travelling around with my former nation on my back marking me as a heretic.

    What should i do? how do i increase my party size enough to capture a fief and maintain it?

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    I believe you must capture a castle or big city to be able to start your own kingdom.

    You teamed up with a claimant, which essentially means you're now serving the claimant. You need to leave your current claimant and then you should be able to create your kingdom by doing the above.
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