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    Double Dancing Steel vs Windsong/Dancing Steel

    Title says it all, I'm trying to min/max and eek as much damage as I can from my Sub Rogue.
    Shadowcraft has Double DS ahead of Windsong by a good margin but I've read conflicting things about what enchants to use.
    Was just wondering you MMOers your opinions.
    Here's my Shadowcraft, simply swap my OH to DS and it's an almost 3k DPS increase.
    Wanting thoughts before I buy this thing, pricey.

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    For Subtlety, of course double Dancing Steel is going to beat Windsong/DS. Agility outweighs Mastery, Crit, and Haste for Subtlety by a very large margin.
    For the other two specs, Windsong is not as bad, but Dancing Steel is still better.
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    2x dancing steel is always better as agility is your best stat

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    Around when 5.1 arrived there was a time where DS/WS was better than DS/DS because it could proc at the same time and DS would only refresh itself.
    They quickly patched it so you now can have multiple DS proccs at the same time again. So there is no contest, its always the winner in all situations.

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