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    WW monks PVP in 5.2, finally viable?

    Im bored with all the vanilla classes, feels like I know everyone from inside out. But its hilarious how bad WW monks are in arena, but now I see all these disarm and aoe silence, pvp trinket spell and what not, makes me wanna get one for 5.2.

    I know nothing about monks, just that you dont hit them when karma is up, and dont waste spells after stunning a MW.
    So, besides from the new abilites, how are WW looking for 5.2?

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    From the patch notes, yes windwalkers will be in a good spot pvp wise.
    Ring of Peace looks like an enhanced version of Druid's Solar Beam. I'm still choosing charging ox wave or leg sweep over ring of peace though.
    Nimble Brew is great. As an undead monk, I can probably get rid of my pvp trinket for another.
    Storm Earth and Fire - gonna be epic
    new mastery - just the change we needed
    But no one can really say anything till PTR hits and there are no further changes.

    And I don't think WW monks are bad in arena now, or at least for me.
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    They're not bad, they're just not on the same level as a few classes dominating the top ratings. And then you have to play exceptionally well to get to those ratings in the first place.

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    I'm mostly exciting about NB+RoP to shutdown Warrior burst. If you can manage root a hunter, FSK to them and *bam* they're slowed just in time for a RoP+Mastery burst.
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    With the introduction of a cc breaker, ring of peace, and deadly reach being baseline I'd say we have a good shot next season. Once they nerf the overall burst from other classes our sustained damage might actually be desirable.

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