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    MOP download (key) available from (reputable) non-Blizzard sites?

    Are MOP keys sold anywhere outside of Blizzard? Possible I have overlooked it, but I don't see a download option at Amazon, for example.

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    No. You can either buy the discs from retailers or the digital copies from blizzard. Why don't you just buy from blizzard directly?

    //edit: these days, the game is relatively cheap.

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    Fair question. A couple reasons:

    1) Hoping for better price
    2) I have gift cards to a few of the big Internet retailers

    Normally I wouldn't hesitate on a $40 purchase, but I've played the MOP trial and wasn't exactly wowed (forgive the pun). That said, I've played the game in the past and was considering giving it another shot... And I know a short trial isn't always the best indicator of a games quality. Just hoping to find a better deal.
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    Well atleast on www.g2play.net it is cheaper. About 25 €. U can pay there on paypal, but if u buy from there make sure u fill all fields corrently and ur contant info matches the one in the paypal account. I've heard they've demanding ID-scans if there is something wrong with info. Also it is suggested that you should not pay with credit card, or pay with your own risk.

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    I feel you ... MoP really isn't anything to go nuts about. Personally I don't play the new content at all (since my main got to 90) - I stick to the old content that have the WoW feeling I like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Gir View Post
    Why don't you just buy from blizzard directly?
    If someone does that the money goes directly to blizzard cutting living from gamesellers. Not saying it's a big deal if one buys, but with shitload of buyers buying straight from big company does cut living from "middlemen".
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