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    Red face A Vent Sesh (Edit)-Nothing about the 'Q' word here

    Reworded and Edited.

    Would a Server Transfer fix my problems!? HMMMMMMMMMM? Note: PvE is like my drug, where PvP is a rehab center. You want to avoid it because you like drugs so much. And Eitrigg is dead... SO IDK Y'ALL.

    An avid WarGeek since March 2006, coming in late to the first part of the game, I still remember the day Naxx was released in Vanilla. With the ever so annoying (but fabulously fun) pre-patch event of the scourge invasion (which is still scarred into my mind), to my first ever ZG/AQ20/MC run. But with the latest expansion, and a slight bump in the road with my guild, things are turning bitter! OH NOES!

    Guild is number 1 on the server, 3 people of our core group decided to take some time off. Soon replaced with 2 failure players, friends of the GM. With the way things have been going, I don't see us doing anymore heroics with these replacements anytime soon before 5.2 comes out.

    MoP: All these changes are like quadrupled compared to previous expansions. I'd rather sit on a herpes infested toilet seat than sit there and do dailies for 5vp, run dungeons for 40 vp, scenarios for 20 vp, and do LFR for 90 to even 3/4 to capping. I just don't have the patience. I'm not saying I want things handed to me. It just feels like a chore to sign in, especially when I have nothing to do in the real world. I have alts, yes, but do I really want to level them all to 90? I had to practically force myself to level a second one to 90.

    PvP isn't my favorite, mainly because I'm not that fabulous at it. I certainly would get my butt handed to me by that one player that plays practically with one hand.

    Pet Battles, can't get into them. Brawler's Guild is meh, spent 25k on an invitation thinking it would be the solution to my boredom, haha... It wasn't. LULZ

    There is just nothing...funtresting about this game anymore. I've just been running Onyxia and Maly for the past few weeks to get the mounts. Once I get them, then what?

    Anyways... Who said anything about retracting their membership? Silly geese.

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    Sounds like you might just be getting bored with the game. It happens with most games. That's why I keep my PSP, X360, Playstation 1, and Original Nintendo all hooked up. I like to change it up from time to time. Keeps me from focusing on things that just are not there. Take a break for a few months and come back to it after you've played some other stuff

    EDIT: Also, it is still a rant, so don't be shocked if they lock it again.

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