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    Exclamation Tank healing as a Rsham


    I was wondering what type of rotation you use when you want to heal a single high target damage.
    I was assigned to heal a MT yesterday on Lei Shi 25N and I was spamming GHW while keeping Riptide up on both tanks and ES on my assignment. Is it optimal ? What advice can you give me for tank healing as Rsham ?

    For stats I use this priority spirit > Int > Crit > mastery > haste that i find being the best for tank healing.

    Thank you very much and I apologise if I did any mistake as English is not my mother tongue.

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    For MT healing that is it for the most part.

    ES + Riptide on Both Tanks + UF(Talent) + UE GHW or Surge

    Drop HST on CD

    HW when bored

    In sustained damage fights I allow the tank to dip below 50% before unleashing that top combo to dip into Mastery stat more. If burst fights I'll keep hitting them with HW constantly between necessity combo healing.

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    Ok thanks ! So there is no need to keep 100% uptime on Tidal Waves using riptide every 2 HW/GHW or Chain heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuray View Post
    Ok thanks ! So there is no need to keep 100% uptime on Tidal Waves using riptide every 2 HW/GHW or Chain heal.
    generally you will cast your 2xHW/GHW/HS or any combo of the 2, and then have an additional global to cast another spell (such as HST, or UE before the casted heal, or things like SBT/searing totem/flame shock/whatever) before the CD on riptide comes around. I like to use HW a lot being that it is mana neutral or mana positive with good resurgence #'s. since TC is not really a thing for us anymore i cast it whenever i would have previously been casting lightning bolts.

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    Generally, a Resto Shaman shouldn't be assigned to dedicated tank healing, because it just doesn't mesh well with our strengths. We have very strong single target throughput but very poor single target longevity. Also, because you want tanks topped off and are doing most of your healing on tanks at 80%+ HP as a tank healer, it almost completely wastes the strength of our mastery. Generally, Shaman should be on raid healing and be the ones switching to tanks (and other targets) at low HP to pop off clutch mastery driven Tidal Waves buffed heals. Paladins, Monks, Disc Priests and arguably druids all should be on dedicated tank healing before Shaman ever are if you really need dedicated tank healers.

    If you really have to do it, talent Unleashed Fury, keep ES and Riptide on your target. Spam Healing Wave for a steady stream of healing with the chance to proc high Resurgence returns. Switch to either GHW or HS when you start to fall behind. Even with T14 2pc, GHW is only marginally more HPM than HS, and significantly less HPS, so it may be better to just use HS and cast it less frequently. You are highly likely to have enough GCDs to drop HST on near CD and HR from time to time for subsequent raid healing (but not on CD).

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