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    Need help for Panda rp

    I have 2 basic ideas for a Panda Monk, just not sure which to choose, both can be used, but need help deciding and need other suggestions
    Rp story 1
    A monk for one of the lower clans of the Pandarean hierarchy, In the battles between horde and alliances, you left pandaria to find a weapon. Your aims are to research and catalogue any way to help your clan gain an edge over others to win favour and ascend the clan chair
    Rp Story 2
    A monk running from his past, he betrayed his clan, because they thought he was nieve and head strong, and were holding him back. They were denying him his destiny. So after his clan was destroyed he fled panderia . He is now allied with the Horde with the goal of finding a new source of power, to find his DESTINY

    You help would me most appricated

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    For me personally, I'd go for a 'Samari' type of theme.

    For example:

    'You were an Outlaw among your people, you were always in the shadows. Your main goal was to train to better yourself as you had foreseen a vision during one of your meditation of the coming darkness and strangers landing on your shores. In the vision you had to make a choice, a choice a lone outlaw should never make and that is to choose a side. But both sides have flaws and aim for the same goal.'

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    I think one of the problems I encounter most often in RP is that people make up goals and tend to ignore the inherent problems that any person may encounter in trying to acheive those goals. If your character is a perfectly focused and capable individual who is never tempted, never fails, then it's the RP equivalent of "see Jane run". You need reasons for your character to fail, otherwise victory is assured and the story becomes less interesting. below I've added a little peril and fleshed out a few ideas, obviously feel free to us any, all, or even none of them.

    Story 1: You left Pandaria to search for an advantage for your clan. You are unsure of where your journey will take you, or what form that advantage may come in (a weapon, an alliance, covert acquisition of dirt on the other clans). The desperation of your clan's situation, and the pressure of their hope placed in you can be both a driving force and a constant source of personal anguish. You may worry that you will fail them, or crack under the pressure, but continue to trod onwards in your task. It also brings you into contact with a whole world of wonders you have never seen before, and perhaps there is a constant temptation to become consumed by it. You may find yourself working with unsavory people or your own morality may lead you to assist in a cause at the expense of your own. Occasional contact with messages from home may add pressure. You may also be unsure that this is what you need to be doing, perhaps there is a greater mission which beckons you?

    Story 2: Your ambition has lead you to be exiled, but perhaps this is a more mutual arrangement. Perhaps you despise your clan because of their quaint and backwards ways. How much you despise them can vary. Maybe you consider them weak, but still care for them a bit. Maybe some in the clan are more sympathetic to you than others and continue to have contact with you. Either way you are exiled now and seeking to secure greater power. Are you blindly ambitious (seeking power or greatness for it's own sake, or to fulfill some deep need for approval)? Or have you got a more specific need for power (an obstacle or foe to overcome)? What company do you find yourself in now amongst the Horde? Do the more mild mannered and reflective aspects of Tauren Druids and Shamans make your blood curdle with memories of home? Have you found Blood Elf magisters more like-minded? Maybe those same magisters are like-minded but less nave and have been playing this game longer and are abusing you for their own means? The Forsaken surely have similarly minded individuals unencumbered by common morality. Though Goblins are often ridiculous and obnoxious, they often seek power in the form of currency. The Orcs surely have a spiritual side, but they have recently become more impressed with power and ambition with the rise of Garrosh, particularly the young. Their internal conflict may intrigue you as a proxy for your conflict at home. You may even decide that the Horde is too similar to you. After all the Alliance has a long history of breeding ambitious outcasts within it's ranks, for their blind righteousness often makes them easy pawns.

    Anyway, hope that helps.

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    Your comments are so helpful, I think you must be a super player and smart!

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