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    Quote Originally Posted by bungeebungee View Post
    If she is with you instead of someone else, value it. Have some self confidence.
    This. Let her know that it bothered you and let it go, else let her go.

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    That is not cheating if it was her best friend. Really that is just to hot man. Good luck getting in the friends pants too. Of course I am sure you are just there for the cash you bring in and nothing more.

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    Of course it's cheating.

    Ditch her, she's trash.

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    She made out with her friend (wich is a boy or girl..?), and that is cheating - no matter how you look at it.
    But still, it's just kissing/making out. So let her know exactly how you feel about it, let her feel bad about what she did then forgive her. It's not like the had sex with someone.
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    To make it all up fair and square for the both of you, ask her if she'd be ok if you'd also kissed her friend like that. If she's gonna smack the 6 out of your mouth, than you got your answer
    And yea, it also depends if you perceive their kiss as a cheat on. Some might even find their partner fucking with someone else and not consider it cheating, but the rest of us "sane" individuals find it not quite ok


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    its kind of a grey area.

    it's not as bad as if she kissed a guy, yet still annoying.

    I really do not know what i would say myself. i've been in other grey areas myself, like when my x girlfriend asked me to kiss her best friend (female, who became my girlfriend ½ year later). Just to show her girlfriend how good a kisser i was. I didn't like it, because even though she asked me to do it, it still felt like cheating for me. Again one of those grey areas.

    Also, it can be considdered a grey area if your girlfriend have internet/phone sex with someone ells. My current girlfriend had "text sex" with an other dude, and it pissed me off a lot. Hell, i've broken up with her like 7 times since that, she always convince me to come back to her though.

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    Here is what I'd be a little concerned about. Girls do that around guys because they think it turns guys on. And that's what your girlfriend was trying to do. Turn your friends on. Why else would she wait until u were gone?

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    Knowing if it is cheating or not is useless. What matters is if it bothers you or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fire Gives a Buff View Post
    If you think that it is cheating, then it is cheating.
    Exactly. Everyone makes their own rule. I have been going out with a girl who says she would consider it more of a problem if her BF actually falls in love with somebody else than if he just has a one night stand. So..him kissing somebody who he has feelings for is more a problem than him sleeping with somebody he doesn't care for.

    That is a bit hard to understand for me, but that's just how she feels. There is no universal rule on this and certainly no law. You either have a problem with it or you don't. we should NOT be the judges and make YOUR decision.

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    I'd consider it cheating, yes
    Quote Originally Posted by Vaerys
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmatum View Post
    Of course it's cheating.

    Ditch her, she's trash.
    Agree with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    This is the only options. Others are stupid.
    Depends on your views on cheating, theres this thing called open-relationships, but I don't think thats the case here.

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    1) Drinking to excess will get people in trouble almost every time, especially if there is attraction between people other than your girlfriend. If you don't feel comfortable with your...pansexual girlfriend...making out with someone else, you probably shouldn't be dating her. Or drinking that much (your liver will thank you in 20 years)
    2) Your girlfriend is a hypocrite if she thought it was okay to make out with her female friend but doesn't like the thought of you making out with one of your female friends. Again, probably not the best person to date if that's the attitude she's going to have.
    3) A true pansexual probably wouldn't have needed to get drunk first before deciding to make out with someone of the same sex. /shrug
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinister Knight View Post
    3) A true pansexual probably wouldn't have needed to get drunk first before deciding to make out with someone of the same sex. /shrug
    Am I reading this wrong? Or are you suggesting pansexuals (even as much as I abhor that term) cannot control their sexual actions?

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    Depends on your opinion of what cheating is. IMO, sex is cheating, kissing is not. But if my gf would kiss another girl if she's bi/pan-sexual I wouldn't accept it and get really mad for it. I wouldn't break up over a kiss, but if you make it seem like it's okay for her to kiss it can only get worse from there.
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    If you two are in a relation ship and she made out with someone, it is cheating! The fact that she did that in front of others (your friends) means she just dont give a shit what you think. Time to drop her.

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    It's cheating obviously it bothers you. The thing being is this person someone you can see yourself long term with? she has a lot of baggage and dosn't seem to consult you at all when she decides to make a choice about something. Dosn't matter how good she looks, eventually she will be fucking other guys and girls using that same excuse. I'd kick her from the raid.

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    Going to add in one last thing, the fact she waited until you left the car to make out with her friend, just shows you that she knew you wouldn't be okay with it and so she waited until you weren't around to do it, there is a small chance she may do more of those kind of things behind your back too but you may or may not find that out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormtrooperz View Post
    Lol no, long story short all of our places to drink were out of order, but dammit we wanted to get drunk so that wasn't going to stop us, and it was freezing outside.

    Also, she DOESN'T consider it cheating because it was her best friend. I was not okay with that response, to me it doesn't matter.
    Ask her if she'd be ok if you did the same thing with your best friend...

    Also...Listen to RICH1471's advice !

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    I normally wouldn't consider a single drunken kiss cheating, but then I saw this part:
    Quote Originally Posted by Stormtrooperz View Post
    3. When I asked her if it was then okay to make out with a straight girl-friend of mine, she said no it's not okay.
    This says it's cheating. If you wouldn't be okay with your partner doing something, you shouldn't do it either. If she doesn't have enough respect for you to treat you the way she expects you to treat her, I see no reason to continue your relationship.

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